Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Muslim on Christian violence in refugee reception centres

Christian refugees are mistreated in initial reception facilities in Germany by Muslims, such as incidents reported by the head of the Russian monastery of St. George in Götschendorf and a member of the Committee on Integration at the Federal Chancellery, Prior Daniil Irbits.

"Christian refugees from Syria, Eritrea and other countries are being mistreated and persecuted in initial reception facilities by their Muslim neighbours. This also applies to the Yazidi religious minority. Quite often abuse ends with injuries and life threats, " he says in a letter to the priest's chancellery minister and refugee coordinator Peter Altmaier.

Prior Daniil believes mainly former Muslims who have switched to Christianity are in danger. Christians from the Middle East have been so cruelly abused that they were ready to return home because the situation was not as bad there as in initial reception facilities in Germany.

The priest called on Altmaier to exert the necessary pressure so that the German law in initial reception facilities will be followed. Before this is implemented, it is necessary that Christians be housed separately from Muslims.