Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dominicans suppress their most famous monastery

"The final decision could come at any moment, amid the distraction of the summer. And it will concern the life or death of the most famous Dominican convent in the world, the convent of San Marco in Florence.

What is at stake smacks of the incredible. It is as if the Franciscan friars were to decide to close the convent of Assisi. And yet this is what could happen, at the behest of the order of Saint Dominic itself, if the superior general of the order, Fr. Bruno Cadoré, should put into effect the decision that the chapter of the Dominican province of central Italy, named after Saint Catherine of Siena, made in the autumn of 2013: the decision, that is, to suppress the “house," meaning the convent of San Marco in Florence."

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Cathcon: Pure idiocy.....a complete betrayal of their heritage.