Friday, February 06, 2015

New depths plumbed in Linz with Dixieland Corpus Christi Procession


Part 1 The Mass
Part 2- When the saints go marching in!

Lest we forget- the Pizza bread rite for Corpus Christi in Linz in 2009.

Let us not sing Vespers but dance it!


The crisis is nothing if not episcopal.....dancing bishops trying to prove something.


World Cup Mass- if anything the liturgical abuse is worse


Paul Vlaar found national fame in July 2010 when he organised in the St. Victor Church in Obdam a special "Oranjemis" dedicated to the World Cup finals. This celebration was found too wordly by the ecclesiastical authorities and Vlaar had already  been warned to celebrate Mass with due dignity. Vlaar was suspended by Bishop Jos Punt  for two months. Then Vlaar retired to the St Adelbert Abbey in Egmond-in less than two months he went back to work in in Obdam. Also during the European Football Championship 2012 Vlaar presided over a "Father's Day and Football Mass".

Training and work
Vlaar Obdam was born in 1971 and grew up in Heerhugowaard in an agricultural environment. After high school, he hesitated between agricultural college and theology. Eventually he chose to become a priest and went to study theology. He followed his ecclesiastical studies at the seminary in Vogelenzang.  (Cathcon the Seminary of Haarlem-Amsterdam Diocese must have realised they have a problem because all students now go on a course to show them how to say the Latin Mass.)

Paul Vlaar since 1996 was a pastoral worker Nibbixwoud, Wognum and Zwaagdijk-West. On December 7, 2002 he was ordained by Bishop Punt Heiloo as a priest. He spent 8.5 years  as pastor in Obdam and the Kaag en Braassem region.

Early 2012 Vlaar left the parish-based pastoral care to start working as a chaplain in the Navy in Den Helder. He followed this at the end of that year by training at the Royal Military Academy in Breda. In 2013 his collection of poems, Poet for people for those closer to him appeared. In this collection a number of poems are found authored by Vlaar on several occasions for parishioners, people around him and also those close to him in his new position as chaplain aboard the HMS Speijk.  Source

See also American Football Mass- probably the worst liturgical abuse ever.

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