Saturday, January 31, 2015

Pop Priest puts on Gig Mass


Another false Cardinal

The false Cardinal had not come far: The man who had presented himself on Wednesday in Würzburg as the Brazilian Cardinal Odilo Scherer and was unmasked by a member of the Ordinariate, collapsed on Thursday in a train to Nuremberg.

The police inspectors of Neustadt / Aisch reported the 66-year-old had suffered a circulatory collapse in an ICE from Würzburg to Nuremberg, but did not want to be treated. However, the train stopped and the 66-year-old was taken after first aid on Emskirchen train station to the hospital in Neustadt / Aisch.

The patient who told police he was a "cardinal" was even wearing the appropriate ecclesiastical outerwear. Investigation by the police showd he is a pensioner of no fixed address, who has repeatedly represented as a "cardinal" in southern Germany . He was also being investigated by the judiciary for theft.

Now the 66-year-old con man expects further criminal investigation for abuse of titles and job titles. On Friday, he was informed of this by the police while still in the hospital of Neustadt.