Saturday, September 05, 2015

Cardinal Lehmann praises Catholic renewal movementsin the Reformation period

In reference to the Reformation anniversary in 2017, Bishop Karl Lehmann of Mainz has highlighted the Catholic renewal movements of 500 years ago.

At the opening of an exhibition about the social and cultural life in the Middle Rhine in the period around 1500, the Cardinal on Friday in Mainz Cathedral criticised "restrictions" in the representation of the history of the Reformation. "Without denying Martin Luther's originality", also the manifold new reform and renewal movements in addition to the Reformation would have to be respected. Here Lehmann cited "the great importance of German mysticism, the late medieval theology of lived monasticism and the contemporary reform movements".


This is doubtless a coded response to Cardinal Müller. Lehmann, the great reformer- his work is never done.

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