Thursday, December 04, 2014

Let's live in a monastery!


Let's live in a church!


Destruction of St Barbara's Church


Today is her feast day- no longer celebrated in Suderwich.

Once the desolator had passed

Some good news in a bleak world. Following my earlier report of the desolation wrought by the future Archbishop Cupich to the chapel of the seminary over which he presided, news that the new dispensation in that place is to restore the chapel to at least some of its former glory.

Full story here.

The question is however did Catholicism get into such a state that it started immigrating the iconoclasm of Protestants. 

Christmas- now the time for open season on all that is good and holy

Jesus Christ delivers, from one of our 10000 delivery services.  Order dfor Christmas by the delivery app.  lieferand.  Here food is ordered.

This is a parody of the great Christmas hymn, Ihr Kinderlein kommet.

I suppose we should not be surprised when the Christmas shopping season opens on the day they call Black Friday.

When Jesuits were Jesuits


"WHEN he went to Westminster Hall to be condemned he made a cross of such wood as he could get, apparently a small wooden trencher, and upon it he drew with charcoal a figure of our Lord. This rough crucifix he carried with him openly. He made shift also to shave his crown because he would signify to the prating ministers which scoffed and mocked him that he was not ashamed of his Holy Orders, nor yet that he would blush at his religion. When then the ministers reproached him and bade him cast his crucifix away, he answered : “ Never will I do so, for I am a soldier of the Cross, nor will I henceforth desert this Standard until death.” Another stretched forward and snatched the cross from his hands, upon which he said : “ You may tear it from my hands, but you cannot take it from mv heart. Nay, I shall die for Him who first died on it for me.” On the scaffold, with his fair and honest face beaming with joy, he expressed his great happiness in being made worthy to die for the faith, and in Company with Edmund Campion whom he heartily revered. As the words of the Miserere were on his lips the cart was drawn away."

From my other blog, English - Scottish - Welsh - Irish Martyrs