Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pope loves Europe after all.

It is already a long time ago: On Tuesday of last week, Pope Francis first appeared in Strasbourg before the European Parliament and had attempted to breath new life into the "grandmother of Europe". But now the closest collaborator of the Pope, Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin speaks of his hope that Eurosceptics will let themselves be convinced by the European project.

"I hope they listen to the message of the Pope. This is a message that has placed much value on the European project, also in the light of the results, which has resulted in this project. Of course, we are currently in a period of difficulties, the crisis, the fatigue - but we must not overlook the fact that this European project has meant peace and prosperity for many generations. That should encourage young people even more. If you reduce the European project to the material and bureaucratic, then the basic values get obscured from the eyes, the values of the founding fathers of Europe. Despite all of the EU's weaknesses: We do have an important tool to secure peace for Europe's prosperity and a place in the world".

(!!!- it is NATO that has kept the peace in Europe since World War II- the European Union in its present form is creating the conditions for the next war.)

Parolin talked with us on the sidelines of a Roman party, which commemorated one hundred years of diplomatic relations between Britain and the Vatican. Also in view of Eurosceptics in the UK, the number two of the Vatican said:

"The world is more complex and conflictual than we imagined it would be after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The international scenario has changed a lot. And so it is today really essential to talk to each other and to negotiate, then the problems of the world to get together. "

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