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Socialist Youth and Catholic Students at war

The Antwerp Young Socialists react angrily to the statements of the Antwerp branch of the KVHV about Johan Bonny.

The Catholic Flemish Student Alliance in a press release attacked the Antwerp Bishop, Johan Bonny. He advocated in "De Morgen" recognition of gay marriage by the Catholic Church. 

According to the KVHV, Bonny wants the church no longer to designate sexuality outside marriage as sinful.

According to the Antwerp Young Socialists, the view of KVHV is downright creepy. 'Back to the years quietly, where sexuality was not discussed and gays best remained in the closet. This is unworthy of a modern, inclusive and welcoming society unworthy. We did not know that the H is KVHV stood for 'homophobic,' 'says the Antwerp Young Socialists. 

The youth wing of the Socialist Party finds the judgments of the KVHV discriminatory and unacceptable and has filed a complaint with the Interfederal Equal Opportunity Centre. "The statements suggest that homosexuality and gay marriage are sinful. For us, it is beyond the bounds of what is acceptable. If this is the so-called Flemish elite, we are deeply concerned about the future. "

 Also on Twitter, several politicians have expressed their disgust. 


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Catholic students blast bishop for being not Catholic

Press release from Flemish Catholic Student Association of Antwerp

KVHV Antwerp: "Your
Excellency, what you are proposing is not Catholic!"

The Bishop of Antwerp, Mgr. Johan Bonny, has once again been reported in the media by openly stand up for the Church to recognize and bless relationships between homosexuals.  It is not the first time. The Antwerp prelate several years ago, in 2012,was enthusiastic about a play that was staged at De Singel, entitled 'On the Concept of the Face, Regarding the Son of God. "Although this play by Romeo Castelucci took the form of a blasphemous attack on Jesus Christ, Mgr. Bonny saw the cultural value of it.

With his call to offer
homosexual relationships within the Roman Catholic Church a position within the structure, Mgr. Bonny crosses a new frontier. Not this time of decency, but of faith and morals. First, he creates the image that homosexuals should have no place in the Catholic Church. This is manifestly incorrect. Every human being is created by God to join Catholic Church. This Church has its rules, structures and traditions, which are the same for everyone, and contrary to what one suspects, still very well known. Sexual orientation is by no means a criterion that prevents someone being a Catholic. The Church, the only way to salvation in the afterlife, is open to any person, whatever their background, their talents and their problems. This is also the case for homosexuals - as if that had to be said. Everyone is welcome.

But the rules of morality apply universally to every Catholic, at any place and any time. Marriage, a sacrament instituted by Christ, is open to one man and one woman and is entered into voluntarily. It stops at the death of one of the marriage partners. Sexual experience is desired by God in marriage. In this way, the goal of sexuality is human reproduction, raising a family. For the Church, this is not possible outside of marriage. As to commit errors is all too human, so God also provides the sacrament of confession and so every time begins a new chapter in the spiritual  life of every Catholic. In that sense there is no difference between unmarried cohabiting heterosexual and gay couples. The difficulty is only that the Church  cannot allow to have two people of the same sex to marry because the purpose of sexuality is not possible. This is also how Archbishop Léonard has stated the view of the Church on homosexuality in the “duo” interview with Etienne  Vermeersch on VRT.
Here the Archbishop preaches at a Latin Mass- a most excellent man, who the Pope has yet to give a Cardinal's hat.  Bonny is expected to be his successor.

Interview continues.

What is being asked here, is not a place for homosexuals in the Church. They have a place already. What Msgr. Bonny wants is not to allow new players in the game (because everyone is already authorized), but to change the game itself subtly. He seems to want to  promote sexuality outside the sacrament of marriage as not sinful. This means that everyone, both homosexuals and divorced people, may experience sexual relationships outside of marriage without being labelled as sinful by the Church.

Mgr. Bonny, successor of the Apostles, wants to change the Faith in a veiled way. The Flemish Catholic Student  Association of Antwerp also clearly raises its voice and says: no Monsignor, what you are proposing is not Catholic.

More concerned to be Jesuit than Catholic

"According to a recent survey administered by the Jesuit colleges association, about half of the students at Jesuit universities nationwide identify as Catholic. St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia boasts the highest number, with three-fourths of its student body identifying as Catholic. About two-thirds of Rockhurst undergraduates identify as Catholic. Regis, where a little over a third of the students are Catholic, has one of the lowest figures. Though some administrators say this is a sign of the times, others point to this as an indicator of an overall decline in the institutions’ Catholic identity.

Some Jesuit schools have received harsh criticism for hosting pro-choice commencement speakers.
"If we call ourselves a Catholic university, how can we be satisfied with that number?" said Regis Board of Trustees Vice-Chair William Newland. "This is consistent with the direction Regis is moving. 

We’re more concerned with the Jesuit way than with Catholicism.""

Full story

Cathcon- he will clearly be happy to now have a Jesuit Pope.....   Echoes here of the Anglicans who are more concerned with the English way than Catholicism.

In 2007 Papal secretary warned about Islamification of Europe

The private secretary of Pope Benedict XVI warned of an impending Islamization of Europe. "The attempt at Islamification should not be underestimated" Georg Gänswein told the "Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin". "The associated risk for Europe's identity cannot be ignored out of a false sense of respect."

Gänswein also defended the controversial Regensburg speech the Pope in September last year. The head of the church had only wanted to warn "against a certain naivety act" , said the private secretary. With a quotation from a Byzantine Emperor that those who followed Islam were "only evil and inhuman," the Pope had triggered massive worldwide protests by Muslims.

In addition to the confrontation with Islamm the dialogue with the Eastern Churches is important, Gänswein said. The split between the Orthodox and the Catholic Church must be overcome. "The restoration of full unity in faith is certainly a big goal," said the secretary. It was also necessary for the question of the position of the Pope to be clarified, he admitted. "But it is a scandal that Christianity is still divided."


This is not the line taken by the present Pope.  

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Muslim- cuts down crucifix because it offends him--- in Austria!

"A sixty-year-old crucifix in a small Austrian town has met an inglorious end after being cut down by a recent addition to the neighbourhood who declared it an “eyesore” and attacked it with an angle-grinder.

The cross, which was erected in the Grossenzersdorf, a small suburb of Vienna, after the Second World War, and has been a popular way point for church processions and pilgrimages since ,stood on the grass verge outside one of the properties on Grossenzersdorf’s Augasse. Shortly after the new resident, a man described by local media as ‘Egyptian’ moved in, he started complaining to neighbours and even his local government about the crucifix."

Full story:

Bishop demands church recognition of homosexual relationships


And now the deluge!
Bonny with two stealth priestesses

The Bishop of Antwerp, Johan Bonny advocates an ecclesiastical recognition of homosexual relationships. The dogma that the Catholic Church can only accept male-female relationships, he put in question in an interview with this newspaper. "There should be a diversity of recognition forms."

With his plea Bonny, is one of the first church leaders who attacks the absolute monopoly of the male-female marriage. "We have to look inside the church for a formal recognition of the relationality which is also present in many gay couples. As a variety of legal frameworks in society exist for partners, he wants to instate a diversity of recognition forms in the church."

Bonny, the designated (in fact, for the time being, most likely) successor of Archbishop
André-Joseph Léonard, who will retire in 2015, believes that gay couples should be able to get a church blessing. Moreover, he argues that a homosexual relationship can also satify the criteria of a religious marriage. "The intrinsic values are more important to me than the institutional demand. The Christian ethic is based on lasting relationships where exclusivity, loyalty and care are central to each other.

Bringing up children
With a subtle formulation Bonny also puts the male-female Catholic monopoly for bringing up children in question. "Then there is the openness to new life, or at least the responsibility taken up by partners to be generous in what they provide to children."

In September, the Antwerp bishop wrote a letter to the Vatican on this matter. Among others, he include the idea that the church urgently needs to find a connection in modern society, explains why Bonny emphasises the matter. "Everyone gets to make his or her life with relationships, friendship, family and children's upbringing. We should not deny that this existed within the church injuries and traumas. Too many people were excluded for a long time."

Canon lawyer and the Rector of the (Cathcon-once) Catholic University of Leuven, Rik Torfs considers Bonny's message as a turning point: "Do not underestimate the significance of this.  Bonny advocates a  change in long-held unshakable principles, something that the dogmatic pontificates of John Paul II and Benedict XVI no bishop could afford to do. "

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The very day on which Christ was pleased to be born on earth for the salvation of the world.

n the year five thousand one hundred and ninety-nine from the creation of the world, when God in the beginning created heaven and earth;
In the year two thousand nine hundred and fifty-seven from the flood;
In the year two thousand and fifteen from the birthday of Abraham;
In the year one thousand five hundred and ten from Moses and the going forth of the people of Israel from Egypt;
In the year one thousand and thirty-two from the anointing of David as king;
In the sixty-fifth week according to the prophecy of Daniel;
In the one hundred and ninety-fourth Olympiad;
In the year seven hundred and fifty-two from the founding of the city of Rome;
In the forty-second year of the rule of Octavian Augustus;
In the sixth age of the world, when the whole world was at peace: [here the voice is raised:]
A calendar of 1943
Jesus Christ, eternal God and Son of the eternal Father, being pleased to hallow the world by His most gracious coming, having been conceived of the Holy Ghost, and nine months having passed since His conception, having become Man, was born at Bethlehem in Juda of the Virgin Mary.
[All prostrate themselves: at the signal of the superior, they arise.]
The Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ according to the flesh. A tolum duplex feast of the first class.
On the same day, the birthday of St. Anastasia. In the reign of Diocletian, she suffered harsh and cruel imprisonment at the hands of her husband Publius, during which she was greatly consoled and comforted by Chrysogonus, a confessor of Christ. Next, she was subjected to a long imprisonment by Florius, prefect of Illyria. At last, on the island of Palmaria, she was fastened to posts with her hands and feet stretched apart, and a fire was enkindled about her. Thus she completed her martyrdom. There had been deported to this island with her two hundred men and seventy women, who gained their martyrdom by being killed in various ways. A memory.
At Barcelona in Spain, the birthday of St. Peter Nolasco, confessor, and founder of the Order of our Lady of Ransom for the Redemption of Captives. He was noted for his virtues and miracles. His feast is celebrated on January 28.
At Rome, in the cemetery of Apronianus, St. Eugenia, virgin. She was the daughter of St. Philip the martyr. In the time of the Emperor Galhenus, she showed many signs and virtues and added holy choirs of virgins to Christ. She suffered for a long time under Nicetus, prefect of the city, and at last her throat was cut with a sword.
At Nicomedia, the sufferings of several thousand holy martyrs who on Christmas day were assembled at Mass. The Emperor Diocletian ordered the doors of the church to be shut and a fire to be prepared around the building. A tripod with incense was set before the door. Then a herald proclaimed that they who desired to escape the fire should come out and offer incense to Jupiter. When the Christians unanimously declared they would gladly die for the sake of Christ, the church was set on fire and they were burned alive. Thus, they were held worthy to be born in Heaven on the very day on which Christ was pleased to be born on earth for the salvation of the world.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Let us sing Muslim songs around the crib for Christmas

Shortly before Christmas, politicians and religious leaders support the singing of Muslim songs in Christmas church services as a sign of understanding. Conversely, Christian songs should be sung in mosques.

"It would be a great sign of peace among the religions, when in the church an Islamic song is sung and in the mosque a Christmas song," said the Green Party Member of Parliament Omid Nouri Pour told the "Bild" on Monday.

The Baden-Württemberg SPD member of parliament Thomas Funk called for a signal of understanding between religions. He would like it if "it could be conveyed with a song," Funk told the "Bild".
The Chairman of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany, Amman Mazyek suggested as a song for the Christmas services "Tala'a al-Badru alayna" ("The full moon rose over us"). "That would be a wonderful sign of peace and compassion," said Mazyek. (see below- for the text
The Catholic and Protestant church did not want to comment on the initiative officially. Northern German towns wanted to "carefully consider and discuss" the proposal, according to the "Bild". During the service, usually five or six songs are sung. In mosques, only the Imam sings.

Pegida demonstrates again
The Pegida Alliance invited meanwhile to a "shared carol singing" in the square in front of the Semper Opera House. Two days before Christmas, the organizers in Dresden want to protest again against the alleged alienation by refugees. The alliance "Dresden Nazi-free" plans a counter-demonstration with a rally on the adjacent Castle Square.

In contrast, the alliance "Dresden for All" wants, because of the approaching Christmas celebrations, wants to avoid street protests and called for the participation in the ecumenical prayer for peace in the Holy Cross Church. In other German cities churches, trade unions and civil society groups have called for demonstrations against "Pegida".

Bishops urges commitment to immigration

The Bishop of the Protestant Church in Central Germany (EKM), Ilse Junker man, has demanded that Germany becomes committed as an country welcoming immigrants. "It takes a conscious choice to acknowledge the fact that we are a country of immigration. We need a specific immigration policy. "In the" Pegida "demonstrations concern is expressed that our laws and values system will be changed by people who come from other cultures and religions".  Immigration and asylum are mixed here, according to Junkermann.  "Both require clear rules - and a clear yes. Unfortunately, so far the Chancellor does not speak clearly of asylum as a human right and of a welcoming culture. Clear political orientation is lacking. "

The "Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West" (Pegida) object to amongs other things an alleged alienation of land and want a sharper asylum law. Last Monday, the alliance turned out 15000 for a demonstration, despite nationwide criticism. Approximately 5650 people took part in various counter-demonstrations. Saxony's Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich (CDU) called on the protesters in the "Leipziger Volkszeitung" to show more tolerance. 


The Full Moon Rose over us!
Tala'a al-Badru Alayna
This was originally sung to the Prophet Muhammed.
طلع البدر علينا
ṭala‘a 'l-badru ‘alaynā
The full moon rose over us
من ثنيات الوداع
min thaniyyāti 'l-wadā‘
From the valley of Wada'‘
وجب الشكر علينا
wajaba 'l-shukru ‘alaynā
And it is incumbent upon us to show gratitude
ما دعى لله داع
mā da‘ā li-l-lāhi dā‘
For as long as anyone in existence calls out to God
أيها المبعوث فينا
’ayyuha 'l-mab‘ūthu fīnā
Oh our Messenger (Emissary) amongst us
جئت بالأمر المطاع
ji’ta bi-l-’amri 'l-muṭā‘
Who comes with the exhortations (injunctions/commandments) to be heeded
جئت شرفت المدينة
ji’ta sharrafta 'l-madīnah
You have brought to this city nobility

مرحبا يا خير داع
marḥaban yā khayra dā‘
Welcome you who call us to a good way

Friday, December 19, 2014

The slow death of a monastery


Church of Ghosts


The ghosts referred to are the Sudeten Germnans who were expelled in 1945, after Hitler had claimed the German-speaking parts of Czechoslovakia in 1938.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

O Adonai Antiphon for Vespers of 18th December


The Rosary of the Franciscans of the Immaculate


For the lifting of persecutions, within and without the Church.

Tango flashmob in St Peter's Square for Pope's birthday


Tango Mass for Pope
Pope presides over Tango Mas

Cardinal gets new, extra-heavy millstone

Cardinal Gröer receives new, extra heavy millstone
Plus: Bishop of Linz gives cause for concern as the plaque tolerates abuse denial
"As the Diocese of Linz sticks his head in the sand, we ourselves must be active," says Sepp Rothwangl of the Platform of Victims of Ecclesiastical Violence. And this activity is truly heavy: the milstone weighs 150 kg that after today can be wondered at next to the plaque commemorating the late Cardinal Gröer. From the middle of the millstone the face of Groer projects, based on the Bible quote: 

But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea. Qui autem scandalizaverit unum de pusillis istis, qui in me credunt, expedit ei ut suspendatur mola asinaria in collo ejus, et demergatur in profundum maris. (Gospel of Matthew 18:6).

Bishop Schwarz produces no insight
There is need for the millstone placement given the controversy over the trivializing plaque commemorating the late Cardinal Gröer who was guilty of criminel paedophilia (Cathcon- his supporters say this was never proved in a court of law). This has adorned since 1989 the church wall of Hohenzell. On the other hand, however, protest rained down from the victims of sexual abuse in the church. "However, discussions with the Diocese of Linz were unsuccessful," laments Sepp Rothwangl. Bishop Schwarz did nothing to put the Gröer-venerating parish priest of Hohenzell, Bauer in his place and remove the scandalous plaque - it was originally supposed to remember that Gröer here has prayed for the "unborn child".

Hohenzell needs a new monument
"On this occasion, we placed there four weeks ago the first small symbolic millstone as the correction of plaque," said Rothwangl. When this addition was removed, the Platform called for a great millstone fund raising campaign. "We become very popular throughout Austria and get several large and heavy millstones," said Rothwangl happily. "One of the biggest, we have now delivered to Hohenzell." For the Platform of Victims of Ecclesiastical Violence, Hohenzell has become a synonym for the denial and cover-up of the Church's abuse crimes, "a fitting place for a millstone monument in the service of truth. We are considering further steps," said Rothwangl in conclusion.

Millstone disappears from Cardinal's neck

Hardly had it been attached, it has already gone. The "artistic redesign" of the Groër monument in the Upper Austrian village of Hohenzell was removed from strangers. The "Platform for Victims of Ecclesiastical Violence" had decorated a few days ago a plaque which had been attached in memory of the former Cardinal Hans Hermann Groër at the local church with a millstone tied around his neck. This millstone (including Groër image) has disappeared.

"My addition to the monument was removed under cover of darkness," despairs Sepp Rothwangl of the Platform. With the action he wanted to point to the past of the cardinal - who was accused of multiple child abuse. Originally, the plaque on the Innviertler Church was a memorial to Groër's prayers for unborn children.

Rothwangl does not give up and now starts a millstone collection campaign: "We want to correct the monument again, but this time in a more significant way: Everyone who is as outraged at what has gone on as we are, might contribute to a millstone which we we will be happy to deliver to Hohenzell. 

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O Sapientia! The first of the Advent Vesper antiphons


Climbing wall church


What has this to do with Christian faith, he is asked. I must come from above! is the answer.

Where once there was Blessed Charlemage, we now have the graceless Schulz


European Parliament President Martin Schulz receives 2015 Charlemagne Prize of Aachen, Schulz is acknowledged in Charlemagne's city as an "outstanding representative of the revival of European democracy".

Aachen (Catholic news). Martin Schulz who has his roots in the Aachen region (born in Eschweiler, living in Wuerselen) receives the Charlemagne Prize 2015. Schulz was an outstanding representative for the revival of European democracy, it said in the grounds given by the Charlemagne Prize Board on Saturday in the imperial city of Aachen. As a pioneer, he has rendered outstanding services to the strengthening of the parliament, parliamentary scrutiny and democratic legitimacy. He'll take the concerns of citizens seriously and so strengthens the identification of the population with Europe. "A great honor. Coming from Aachen this prize has a very special meaning, "Martin Schulz tweeted after the announcement of his name by the Board of the Charlemagne Prize.

Charlemagne Prize of Aachen: most prestigious award for services to Europe 

The International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen has been awarded for outstanding contribution to European integration since 1950. The oldest and most prestigious award is awarded for the people or institutions who have rendered outstanding services to Europe and European integration. Traditionally it is awarded on Ascension Day in the historic Coronation Hall of Aachen City Hall, the (aula regia) which is built on the foundations of the former King's Hall of Aachen Palace. The award is named after Charles the Great (747 / 748-814). His empire extended over much of western Europe. Charles led a Europe of unified laws and currency and is often seen as the first pioneers of a united Europe. The 1200th anniversary of his death was celebrated this year in Aachen and Europe. 

 Patrons of the Charlemagne Prize
Patrons of the International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen SM the King of the Belgians Philippe, S. M. King Philip VI. of Spain, S.K.H. Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg,, S. E. the President of the Republic of Austria, Dr. Heinz Fischer and Federal President Joachim Gauck.

Pope John Paul II. Was a prize winner
The first winner in 1950 was the founder of the Pan-European idea, Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. Later, the Charlemagne Prize went among others to the first Chancellor Konrad Adenauer (1954), the then US President Bill Clinton (2000), the euro as a currency (2002) and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel (2008) This year, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy received it. In 2004, Pope John Paul II received it. The prestigious prize was handed over because of his illness not in Aachen, but in Rome. 

 International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen. Homepage



Pope Francis personally involved in resumption of US-Cuba diplomatic relations


"President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro were to separately address their nations around noon Wednesday. The two leaders spoke by phone for more than 45 minutes Tuesday, the first substantive presidential-level discussion between the U.S. and Cuba since 1961.

Wednesday's announcements follow more than a year of secret talks between U.S. and Cuban officials in Canada and the Vatican. U.S. officials said Pope Francis was personally engaged in the process and sent separate letters to Obama and Castro this summer urging them to restart relations.

Officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the matter publicly on the record ahead of Obama's remarks." 

What's not to like?
The Castros framing Chavez
Dictators all

AP source
Castro senior nearly got everyone on the planet killed- lest we forget how evil this now little old man is.

Francis, rebuild my Church


Today is the Pope's Birthday

The Modern Church suffers from Patty Hearst syndrome


Imprisoned by the modern world, the neo-modernist clerics do its bidding. Where it would all head- in a anti-church video from Germany.

Haute couture Cardinal

Aziz & The Cardinal | Aziz Bekkaoui

"The performance and procession - Aziz and Cardinal Simonis -  is a colourful escort of sheep, cows, horses, grooms, brides, nuns, Hare Krishna's, lots of models and performance artists. Upon arrival, Cardinal Simonis, dressed in haute couture made by Aziz Bekkaoui, blesses the guests, models and performers."

As it says on the website:


In bringing together different art forms Aziz Bekkaoui came to be innovative. He broke boundaries and evolved into a multidisciplinary artist. In the recent years he has created performances and installations in museums and theatres. On the occasion of the celebration of the Treaty of Rome, Aziz Bekkaoui presented a live performance and installation fashion show in the Knights' Hall for the European Parliament, statesmen and Queen Beatrix.

There were solo exhibitions of Aziz Bekkaoui and collaborations with various artists, which appeared in the Van Gogh Museum, the Central Museum, The Hague Municipal Museum, Historical Museum, Musée de la Mode et du Textile, Paris, Stedelijk Museum, Cobra Museum and the Guggenheim Museum in New York. In 2007 the city of Amsterdam granted him the Art Award.

Freud said not inaccurately that you can become your own worst enemy- this is Fellini making a parody of the pre-Vatican II church as a fashion show.  It never was- but it is in fact a modernist problem- all show and no content. 

'Cardinal knew of abuse by auxiliary bishop

Cardinal Simonis knew in 2000 of abuse by his former auxiliary, Bishop Jan Nienhaus. He received a letter from a victim, journalist Ton Crijnen writes in a biography of the cardinal which appears this week.

In the letter, the man says that Nienhaus had been guilty of "erotic romps" writes newspaper Trouw. Simonis decided not to confront Nienhaust with the accusations, because there would not be enough evidence. Two months, the auxiliary bishop died.

In April this year it was announced that Nienhaus abused young boys in the sixties. The church had in 2012, four complaints upheld against the auxiliary bishop. That judgment was not then made public, because it was confidential.

"Had not known"

In 2010, Simonis said that even the church for decades was not aware of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy. "We had not known about it" he said in the TV program Pauw and Witteman. That statement caused a great stir.

A year later it became known that Simonis in 1991 had helped a priest obtain a new parish in Amersfoort, when he knew that the man a year previously had been convicted of sexual abuse of three boys.

Simonis felt he had acted carefully, because the priest was investigated. There would be no chance of recurrence. yet the man re-offended.


Millstone placed around Cardinal's neck

The late Archbishop of Vienna, Hans Hermann Groër (1919-2003) is commemorated by a relief on the facade of the parish of Hohenzell, District Ried (Upper Austria), an incomplete Bible quote is written in stone "Who however one of these little ones ...". On a board isn oted that the cardinal prayed there in 1989 for the unborn.

Sepp Rothwangl, chairman of the Platform of those affected by Ecclesiastical Violence outraged by the "hypocritical panel": it is a denial that the cardinal had sexually abused several pupils (the "Groër affair" which led in 1995 to a church referendum and a wave of departures from the Catholic Church).

As village priest Josef Bauer refuses to put an end to Groër worship in Hohenzell, Rothwangl has transformed the monument by himself on Monday: With an iron chain he fastened below the relief a massive millstone, from which extends the head of the Cardinal. "It is a reminder of the criminality of Groër which is denied by his followers as before," said the activist.

The passage from the Gospel of Matthew (18: 6-16) had been completed figuratively by the millstone. 

It says in Luke 17:2: 
It were better for him, that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should scandalize one of these little ones. 
 Utilius est illi si lapis molaris imponatur circa collum ejus, et projiciatur in mare quam ut scandalizet unum de pusillis istis. 

 Father Bauer, who is considered a hardliner within the Church and according to media reports should not be averse to exorcisms, did not notice the changes to the monument. He had to see it first, the cleric said on Friday in an interview with COURIER. "There are many who come to Hohenzell and gratefully recall Cardinal Groër. Let's leave it at that."

And the sexual abuse of pupils for which the prince of the church is supposed to be responsible? Bauer: "Cardinal Groër was never convicted. For him, the presumption of innocence should apply."

For abuse victims statements like this are a slap in the face: Sepp Rothwangl says that nothing has changed the "irresponsibility of the Church" since the affair Groër. "This is shown by cases such as that of the Göttweig priest who wanted to tempt on twitter boys into prostitution and has only been brought to light by media pressure."

Similarly, the activists wish to demonstrate the following demands of the platform with the re-purposed memorial: Suspension of the limitation period for sexual abuse, an independent procedure for examining the crimes and adequate compensation by a tribunal.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Veni, Veni, Emmanuel!


Beer tent Mass


And two stealth priestesses in green!

Feast of Immaculate Conception disrupted by demonstration in Vienna

The Archdiocese of Vienna has made a complaint to the public prosecutor about disruption of worship on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception by a performance against celibacy

After the disruption of the Mass for the Immaculate Conception at Stephen's Cathedral, Cathedral Parish Priest Toni Faber has given a statement of the facts to the authorities. Whether the prosecuting authorities will  bring a charge of disturbing a religious practice is still unclear, said the Archdiocese of Vienna on its website. 

On December 8, the performance artist Alexander Donhofer had disturbed along with about 20 others, the Festival Mass presided over by ChristophCardinal  Schönborn   by a silent performance during the sermon. As "un gelato per il celebato" (an ice cream for celibacy), the perfornance questioned whether celibacy "is still up to date", the main actor announced in the "Courier" on Wednesday. The Archdiocese of Vienna demanded, on the other hand, that believers can "celebrate services with the necessary dignity" services. Spokesman Michael Prüller: "It is not our intention that someone is punished - but we hope to have a clear statement that an injustice was done and that public order in Austria does not accept the disturbance of religious services." People of all religions have the right to undisturbed to celebrate their worship. "This is held to be right in the law," said Prüller. "Everything else creates strife."


Vatican decides to turn blind eye to neo-modernism of American nuns

"The overwhelmingly positive report also promised to value their "feminine genius" more, while gently suggesting ways to serve the church faithfully and survive amid a steep drop in their numbers. It was cheered by the American sisters themselves, dozens of whom swarmed the Vatican news conference announcing the results in a rare occasion of women outnumbering men at the Vatican.

"There is an encouraging and realistic tone in this report," Sister Sharon Holland told reporters. "Challenges are understood, but it is not a document of blame, or of simplistic solutions. One can read the text and feel appreciated and trusted to carry on."

The report was most remarkable for what it didn't say, given the criticism of American religious life that prompted the Vatican under Pope Benedict XVI to launch the investigation in 2009.

There was no critique of the nuns, no demands that they shift their focus from social justice to emphasize Catholic teaching on abortion, no condemnation that a feminist, secular mentality had taken hold in their ranks."

Cathcon: Irrelevant in many ways as the nuns concerned neither pass on the Faith once delivered nor do they have vocations to sustain their institutions, most of which will be shuttered in 10-15 years.   See the Benedictine Sister of the Dome.... see also the Fractured Face of Carmel

And talk about burying head in sand about the present situation and the true cause for the decline in religious vocations, which lies in the immediate post-conciliar era.

"As to the declining number of women religious in the U.S., the report revealed that the peak number of vocations seen between the 1940s-1960s was “relatively short-term” and “not typical” in terms of the history of vocations in the country."

Bishop- Pope outed a Jesuit

Bishop of Eichstätt: It is fascinating to see "the blooming of religious vocations in the young churches". There are very many in India, although the number of Catholics living there is "relatively modest".

The bishop of Eichstätt Gregor Maria Hanke has experienced the "enthusiastic and dedicated Jesuit" Pope Francis in Rome. During the recent General Assembly of the Congregation for Religious the pope had "really outed himself when meeting us as the son of Saint Ignatius," Hanke said in an interview with the "Church newspaper for the Diocese of Eichstätt". 

The Bishop of Eichstätt is himself a Benedictine and had for the first time taken part in a plenary session of the Congregation from 25th to 29th of November. He commented at the beginning of the "year of spiritual vocations" which has been proclaimed by Pope

Hanke told the diocesan newspaper that the growth of the orders "is located in Africa, Asia, and in some orders even in Latin America." Europe and North America were "no longer in the front row." It was fascinating to see "the bloom in religious vocations in the young churches". There are very many in India, although the number of Catholics living there was "relatively modest". At the same time it should not be forgotten that also in Europe there is new growth, "albeit at a low level." 

Orders as well as priestly vocations could "not recruit" like other occupations in the labour market, said the bishop. The awakening and promotion of vocations "begins with the fact that we allow young people spaces for tangible faith". Religious Christians should exemplify "the universal call to holiness" in an exemplary and courageous manner. Exactly where a Christian lives and works, "a footprint, or maybe even better, the imprint of his heart should be recognizable." That must "proceed in a slighty different manner than otherwise is found in the laws of economics and society". 


Christ, for whom all ages long


Liturgical decadence in the Brussels of Cardinal Daneels


Least favorite Archbishop of Pope Francis desperate to retire.

André-Joseph Léonard wants to retire as soon as possible. His letter of resignation to the Pope is already finished, the archbishop of Malines-Brussels declares to VTM News. Leonard is 75 in May next year. Then he should offer his resignation as archbishop. Usually, the Vatican asks bishops to remain in office until a successor is found. This took nearly two years in the case of Cardinal Godfried Danneels, his predecessor. Leonard himself does not agree. He writes in a letter which he will send to Pope Francis in May next year.  (see also Pope's brother slams Cardinal Danneels)

Leonard followed the popular Danneels as Archbishop on January 18, 2010. His aloof, ultraconservative stance made him not popular among the faithful, on the contrary. Very Catholic Belgium Léonard almost turned his back. He churned out insults to homosexuals, but stated repeatedly he was wrongly quoted.

The controversy began in 2007 when, as the then Bishop of Namur in an interview with the magazine Télémoustique he said gay people were "abnormal". "Homosexuals are inhibited in their normal psychological development. That is unusual," he said. When he got furious reactions, Léonard was  in denial – then still André-Mutien Léonard suddenly said. "I think I did not use the word "abnormal", he attempted to say. In vain, for the recording of the interview is unforgiving: that word was on the archbishop’s lips. (see similar comments by the late Belgian Cardinal Joos in extensive article)

In the same interview, he also threw doubt on the effectiveness of condoms as a contraceptive. He compared them to "Russian roulette". According to Leonard,condoms are "only useful for the reckless who need multiple partners," he declared in 2010, when he was only just appointed as archbishop.

In his new position, he did not change in tone. As a brand new Belgian church leader, he compared homosexuality with anorexia – like a disease. "I'm going to make a comparison, anorexia is a development that can not be reconciled with appetite, but I would never say that anorexics are abnormal," said Leonard on RTL-TVI.

As the storm around his person did not ceased, and complaints continued to rain, theologian Jürgen Mettepenningen was appointed as a spokesman. He was commissioned to frame Leonards statements. A few months later, he threw in the towel. It could hardly be otherwise because Leonard was throwing oil on the fire. The archbishop was quoted by the largest newspapers worldwide when he
said AIDS was "a form of immanent justice". 

That statement once again led to a new wave of protest, but Leonard took no word back. A few later days, a churchgoer threw later a pie in Leonard‘s face during a Mass for All Saints‘ Day in Brussels. A year later, he was on a visit to the University of Louvain-La-Neuve when he received four pies in the face.

Also remarried divorcees were not safe from Leonard. According to him, they had to first do an examination of conscience, before they went to hold a function in Catholic education. Divorced men and women also had better not go to communion, Leonard said three years ago. He advised that gay people should lead a celibate life.

Finally got the crematoria a slap. Leonard finds them "sanctuaries of the death industry." The Archbishop finds burials, "much more pious".

Late on Tuesday night allows Léonard, who was never appointed cardinal, to look deep into his soul in "The Year", the December portrait series of Telefacts. The programme starts at 21:40 pm

Attempts to ban the Crib in France resisted

Our society
According to a survey, 71% of respondents believe that the Christmas crib "is more an element of cultural tradition that a Christian symbol."

Nativity scenes in government and public buildings, or put a stop to them? The French are predominantly "mostly favourable" (71%), "as this is more an element of cultural tradition that a Christian symbol" according to an Ifop poll for Dimanche Ouest France. Conversely, 18% of those polled are "somewhat opposed because it is a religious symbol incompatible with the principles of neutrality and secularism in public service." 

The survey comes amid a controversy which has grown up in France after the Nantes Administrative Court ordered the General Council of the Vendée, bastion of Catholic tradition, to remove the nativity installed in the lobby of its premises. The General Council has appealed. In Béziers, the prefect also asked the mayor supported by the Front National, Robert Ménard to remove the crib he placed in the town hall.

"An element of cultural tradition"

Catholics are 81%, whether practicing or non-practicing, for the presence of cribs in public places. The people claiming no religion are 60% favourable. "With the gap of 21 points between the two groups, these figures show that cribs are now first and foremost seen as an element of cultural tradition",  according to Ifop. 
Menard has installed a crib in his town hall
To conserve our traditions
And to loosen up the ayatollahs of laicity.

"As expected and consistent with the anti-clerical tradition and the fibre of laicity of the Communist Party and the tendency of Mélenchon, in the ranks of the Left Front support is the lowest (46%) and the opposition in a majority (49%), the opinion poll institute notes. PS sympathizers are in favour with 64% supporting the presence of cribs in public buildings, while 31% are opposed, sticking to a strict application of the principle of secularism. On the right, 84% of supporters of the Front National and 87% of the Union for a Popular Movement are in favor.

(*) Survey conducted by self-administered online survey among a sample of 1,008 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over by the quota method 


This Christmas scene is rubbish- literally


 The crib in the Protestant Church Association of the Cologne region shows Christmas as a celebration between consumption and contemplation. (Cathcon: rather what Protestantism can do to culture and art.)

 "Follow the star to traditional and international Christmas crib art" until January 6, 2015 at the 19th Cologne Christmas Crib Path. At over 110 stations across Cologne, international crib art is on offer at the highest level, organized and hosted by the Rheinstil Kulturmanagement

On display are traditional Christmas cribs from various historical periods, contemporary artists and traditional popular Christmas cribs from many cultures. The cribs are to be found at publicly accessible locations such as shop windows, in cultural and religious institutions, in Cologne Central Station, at the Christmas markets and in many Catholic and Protestant churches, who are taking part in the Crib Path. 

In contrast, a very moving Crib in the main station- showing a Crib set in the shadow of the ruins of Cologne Cathedral in 1945.


Complete with the Cardinal Archbishop and two servers (just visible behind) on their way to pay homage to the King of Kings.

As it was


The days when Cologne was more fully Catholic- scenes from the German Catholic Day in 1956, including Cardinal Frings who was later to do such damage at the Vatican Council by breaking the power of the curia, with a speech drafted for him by a young Joseph Ratzinger.


Muslim organisations on collision course with Austrian government

Muslim organizations set on confrontation course with the government because of the proposed law. IGGiÖ President Fuat Sanac is not considering resignation. (there is pressure from his youth movement)

The President of Austria, second from left and Mr Sanac second from right.

The much-touted harmony is fragile: Austria's Muslims are increasingly on a collision course with the Federal Government and its draft for the new Islamic law. On Monday, the Supreme Council, the highest governing body of the Islamic Community in Austria (IGGiÖ) made a statement - with a protest against the decision. They were disappointed with the approach taken by the government, was stated in a joint press release of the Supreme Council and the IGGiÖ President, Fuat Sanac. 

The procedure "is neither customary for Austria's political culture of a modern democracy, nor is it consistent with a minimum of respect for the law by the parties concerned."

In an interview with the "Die Presse" Sanac clarified that it was initially only a protest. A decision will be taken by them only at a meeting of the Supreme Council on Wednesday and by one of the Upper Councils on Sunday. Legally, however, there is no requirement that something will be placed in the new Islamic law. "We are waiting for the answer," says Sanac. "And we believe that a number of points can be changed." Indeed, one had heard for some time in government circles that there will be no move away from the fundamental points of the law that were considered on January 21 in the National Council. 

 A coalition of many Muslim societies wants to build up pressure on the government, which has scheduled a press conference for Tuesday. "The Muslims feel left out," says Yakup Gecgel of the Islamic Federation, one of the great Muslim umbrella organizations. On the one hand, it involves both substantive criticism of the new Islamic law – each religious community to be able to resolve the prohibition on foreign funding to the rights of the Federal Chancellor. On the other hand, they want to also question in a critical manner the approach of the government. "We do not wish to permit," says Gecgel that "Muslims should be seen as propaganda for the election campaign." 

Devotions for every day of the week

Fridays are penitential days and Catholics are to keep in mind Christ's suffering and to sacrifice something for the sake of penance and discipline. Catholics fulfill this duty by abstaining from meat and making other penances.

Saturdays are, traditionally, the days Catholics go to Confession in preparation for receiving the Eucharist on Sundays. Some Catholics might make a habit of going to Confession on Saturdays; other might go before Mass on Sunday, or might go only when they need to confess, or on some other schedule.

Sundays are, of course, the day for renewing Christ's once and for all Sacrifice during the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass. Because Christ rose from His tomb on Sunday, Sabbath was changed from Saturday to Sundays, or "the Lord's Day." On this day we fulfill God's Third Commandment, to "remember the sabbath day [which means "rest", not "Saturday"], to keep it holy." We refrain from unecessary servile work and fulfill our "Sunday Obligation" to attend Mass.

New reading each day for the English, Welsh, Irish and Scottish martyrs

Devotion for every Day of the Week- mystery of the Rosary


Resurrection & the Holy and Undivided Trinity


The Holy Ghost & the Souls in Purgatory



The Holy Angels



St. Joseph



The Blessed Sacrament



Christ's Passion and His Sacred Heart



The Blessed Virgin and her Immaculate Heart.



Monday, December 15, 2014

Saxophone feelings replace holy chant


If you want to play your saxophone, go find a night club.

Cardinal- "We do not need such "saviours of the West""

Cardinal Rainer Woelki has been Archbishop of Cologne for three months. In this interview he talks about the construction sites in the Archdiocese, the controversies regarding the family in the Church and the challenges posed by anti-Islamic groups. 

CBA: Your Eminence, are all your moving boxes now unpacked? 

Woelki: No, there are still some in the hall, and my books are not yet arranged properly. The works in this house continue. So it will take a bit of time until I have finally arrived - at least as far as the housing situation here is concerned.

CBA: But your diary is certainly full. Do you feel like a third of Germans, under constant time pressure? 

Woelki: Especially in these Advent days, I sometimes am rushing from one appointment to the next. But I try to use my morning and evening periods of silence to internally prepare for Christmas. 

CBA: Do you do that before going to sleep? 

Woelki: I try in the evening always examie my conscience. I'm voting for it aware of the chapel. 

CBA: What is currently the largest "construction site" in the Archdiocese of Cologne? 

Woelki: Certainly the situation of many refugees. Here I am very grateful for the commitment of Caritas and the parishes. We support that with our "Action for New neighbors". Another challenge for me is to further explore the diocese. In addition, we will soon be discussing with the various bodies new priorities such as the pastoral plan and the distribution of personnel. Overall, we must see how we can handover the faith more to society. This is because, as a church, we are sent to the people. 

CBA: The income from the church tax increases, while the churches are empty, even in Cologne. Has the German church too much money and too little living faith? 

Woelki: With the church tax, we are actually well financed. Also thanks to the good economic conditions, revenue is currently increasing. We use these funds for the people which shows something about our commitment to refugees. In addition, there is an urgent need to rekindle the faith. I think the strong commitment of the Archdiocese of Cologne to refugee relief gives us a good opportunity to rediscover the faith and deepen it. Pope Francis wants us to evangelize the poor. One must not forget: As one of the largest employers we have obligations for pension and social welfare of our approximately 50,000 employees.

"Use the possibilities for marriage annulment" 

CBA: The survey for the family Synod triggered by Pope Francis shows that most Catholics quarrel with the Church's teaching on marriage, family and sexuality. How can this gap between the official church and the people continue? 

Woelki: That partnership and sexuality became seen in a more differentiated manner in the course of history and also lived differently, belongs to our humanity. The Church and the Synod now focus on fundamental issues such as the strengthening of the family and of sacramental marriage. This is an important difference from the many communities that have formed today into a pluralistic society. 

CBA: Dealing with divorced and remarried also involves conflict. Where do you see solutions? 

Woelki: The Pope has now told that we should not narrow down the question only to the reception of the sacraments. We must take this seriously. Dealing with remarried is an important pastoral challenge for us. Pope Benedict XVI has already made the remarks that the persons concerned should of course belong to church and community and can play a role here. Moreover, we should put more strongly into the foreground the possibilities offered us in ecclesiastical law by the instrument of marriage annulment. 

CBA: Is the church on the threshold of an ordeal? 

Woelki: I would rather speak of a process of searching. For me, it shows the vitality of the Church that controversy is used to find a path. I am sure that in the end the result will be that maintains unity and does not come to a split. 

CBA: The question of how euthanasia should be regulated in the future, currently splits both Christians and non-Christians. Where do you stand? 

Woelki: It is quite clear that life for us as Christians - Catholic as well as Protestant- is a gift of God - and thus also a task. Dying is included in this. Everyone has the right to a dignified death. Therefore, I am grateful that in politics there is a greater awareness that we need to expand palliative and hospice care. I believe that many people's fear of dying can be removed if they know and experience the possibilities of pain medicine and personal accompaniment. 

CBA: If the church involved in such ethical discussions today? 

Woelki: In my experience, yes. I am also glad that the two churches in ethical questions - though unfortunately not all - are together and are perceived as being together. We should present this externally to a greater degree. 

CBA: A question for the Caritas bishop in Germany: What about after the recent decision of the Constitutional Court to liberalize ecclesiastical employment law?

Woelki: The judgment has brought legal certainty for the churches. But it is not about an ecclesiastical privilege, but it also protects the self-determination of all ideological communities in a neutral state.

Ecclesiastical employment law: Examining more the individual case 

CBA: What exactly does that mean for church employees? 

Woelki: Not everyone who has married again civilly is dismissed from the church. That is a black and white painting, which does not reflect reality. We bishops will now take again the Church's labor in the view. We will be more than ever look at the individual case. In many areas of Caritas and church, employees are not necessarily bound with loyalty obligations of the Church. Women and men in the proclamation of the Gospel however must live according to the teachings of the church to fulfill its mission authentically. 

 CBA: As in Berlin, a large number of Muslims in the Archdiocese of Cologne. How to promote peace between religions - even in the face of many militant Salafists? 

Woelki: Christianity and Islam combine in the belief in a merciful God. Violence is never justifiable on religious grounds. There are unfortunately perversions both in the history of Christianity and Islam. These growths cannot be equated with religion. It is wrong to discriminate overall against Muslims in the face of violent excesses from the terrorist militia "Islamic State". On the other hand, militant Salafists look for nothing in a pluralistic constitutional state. In contrast, the way forward is to proceed by legal means. 

CBA: In contrast, counter-movements such as "Hooligans against Salafis" or "Patriots of Europe against Islamization of the West" (Pegida) take advantage of this mood. 

Woelki: We do not need such “saviours for the West”. We have to solve these challenges by legal means. It is good that the social groups and the Church have called for counter-demonstrations on Monday. 

The Cardinal at a "bring your own instrument" concert.

Catholic school blacklisted for extremism in UK

"The Catholic Education Service (CES) is demanding an apology from school of inspectors Ofsted after one of its schools was placed on a blacklist of schools which were failing to prepare students for "life in modern Britain". The school remains on the blacklist despite a recent Ofsted report being amended to remove suggestions that pupils were vulnerable to radicalisation, the Telegraph has reported.
St Benedict’s Catholic School in Suffolk was one of 35 faith schools to be reassessed in snap inspections, following the revelation of the Trojan Horse plot in which a number of schools in Birmingham were infiltrated by Islamic extremists. The school had previously been rated as “good” as recently as 2013, but this was downgraded to “requires improvement” following the snap inspection."

Full article

The only radicalisation here can be found in the chemistry lessons.

Glorious setting of Marian anthem for Advent


Christmas Mass Spectacular


Actually satire- although given what you can find elsewhere on the site, rather too close to the normal experience.

Pope Francis- saint or schismatic?


Austen Ivereigh in his new book exposes the lobbying of the Conclave by Team Bergoglio.

Cardinal-Orthodox and Catholic are two sides of the same coin.

Cardinal Koch- Politics contributed to the gap between East and West.
The gap between the Eastern and Western Christendom was considerably enhanced by politically motivated decisions of the Churches. Cardinal Kurt Koch, the Prefect of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity stated this during a visit to Lublin in Poland . The cardinal received this week the 'Golden Diploma of the Theological Faculty of the University of Lublin. He suggested that the Church as a result of the break is no longer the two lungs by which the same organism could breathe. In the theological dialogue between the two Churches currently a common basis is sought for the vision of office and primacy. Koch compared the two Churches with the two sides of the same coin.


Pope has 300,000 followers in Latin

More people follow the Pope in Latin than in German. The Latin Profile of Pope Francis (77) has reached 300,000 followers, while the German has only 226,000, reported the Vatican newspaper" L'Osservatore Romano ".

Compared to other languages that is only a small slice of cake: In English the pontiff is followed by some 4.8 million people, in Spanish by more than 7.3 million.

The Twitter account pontifex_lt in the official language of the Catholic Church has existed for nearly two years.

Tiny interest given the size of the world's population....and the 284 million twitter users.

The Immaculate Conception- devotion for December


Wherefore, in humility and fasting, we unceasingly offered our private prayers as well as the public prayers of the Church to God the Father through his Son, that he would deign to direct and strengthen our mind by the power of the Holy Spirit. In like manner did we implore the help of the entire heavenly host as we ardently invoked the Paraclete. Accordingly, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, for the honor of the Holy and undivided Trinity, for the glory and adornment of the Virgin Mother of God, for the exaltation of the Catholic Faith, and for the furtherance of the Catholic religion, by the authority of Jesus Christ our Lord, of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, and by our own: "We declare, pronounce, and define that the doctrine which holds that the most Blessed Virgin Mary, in the first instance of her conception, by a singular grace and privilege granted by Almighty God, in view of the merits of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the human race, was preserved free from all stain of original sin, is a doctrine revealed by God and therefore to be believed firmly and constantly by all the faithful."

Hence, if anyone shall dare -- which God forbid! -- to think otherwise than as has been defined by us, let him know and understand that he is condemned by his own judgment; that he has suffered shipwreck in the faith; that he has separated from the unity of the Church; and that, furthermore, by his own action he incurs the penalties established by law if he should are to express in words or writing or by any other outward means the errors he think in his heart.

Ineffabilis Deus