Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cocaine in condoms intercepted en route for Vatican

To intercept drug packages is for the German customs certainly nothing unusual. However to intercept drug packets of condoms full of liquid cocaine bound for the Vatican has never happened before. The officials had secured the extraordinary delivery at Leipzig Airport.

The German Customs has intercepted a drug delivery addressed to the Vatican. Officials seized on 19 January at Leipzig airport 340 grams of cocaine from South America with a black market value of 40,000 Euros , reports the newspaper "Bild am Sonntag" .

The drug was packed in liquid form in 14 condoms, the newspaper reported, citing a customs report. Since then it has been retained by the Vatican Gendarme.

A specific receiver was therefore not specified, apart from the Vatican post office. The German customs gave the drugs to a a police officer of the Vatican State in Rome. The trap however so far has not closed : no one tried to pick up the package, Interpol established
The German investigators go according to " Bild am Sonntag " now assume that the unknown recipient has received a tip and the action was betrayed . The investigation into the people behind the cocaine package will now be pursued together with the Interpol office of the Vatican.


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