Friday, May 31, 2013

Police raid on Cardinal was illegal

Operation Chalice: The documents seized from Archbishop Danneels should be excluded from the dossier

The Supreme Court has spoken definitively on Tuesday about the documents seized in June 2010 by the Brussels magistrate Wim De Troy from the Archbishop's Palace of Mechelen and from offices and the private residence of Cardinal Danneels. The highest court in the land ruled that the Brussels Court of Indictments in Brussels had reason to exclude these documents from the file because the searches were not legal.

The searches were carried out on 24 June 2010, as part of Operation Chalice, the judicial investigation by Brussels judge de Troy about sexual abuse within the Church and suspected maneuvers to suppress the facts on the part of the hierarchy.


Cardinal defends homosexual marriage legislation

Cardinal Godfried Danneels defends legislation for same-sex marriage in an interview with this newspaper, though he feels that there is another term that should be found for relationships between people of the same sex. Archbishop Leonard sides with him. 'Do not call it gay marriage, but a gay relationship. "

D e Tijdspoke with Godfried Danneels following his eightieth birthday.
There have been months of massive demonstrations against gay marriage, which has been accepted by parliament. In France on Wednesday, there was the first legally blessed marriage , heavily protected from protesters. When asked what he thinks of the attitude of his church in this discussion Danneels says, "You know what the Church says about these problems, I do not want to go against it. But I think it's a positive development that states open up free civil marriage for homosexuals if they want. "

Can you not as a human being identify with this orientation?
Cardinal Godfried Danneels,

The reasoning goes like this: "Can you not as a human being identify with this orientation? I think there is a clear evolution in the thinking of the church. Also towards people who commit suicide, for example. Previously, that condemned you to be not being buried in a cemetery - of course you cannot do such things! It is much more nuanced thinking about the person in their totality rather than being fixated on the moral principle. '

Politically sensitive
Same-sex marriage is currently politically sensitive in several European countries.The British Parliament is considering the opening up of civil marriage to persons of the same sex. In Paris, hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets against gay marriage. Recently historian Dominique Venner put a bullet through his head at the high altar of Notre Dame in protest against gay marriage. Nineteen countries, including Belgium, have already opened civil marriage , dozens of other countries will follow in the coming years.

On what is legal, what one can do legitimately and legally, the Church has nothing to say.
CardinalGodfried Danneels,

Danneels has a reputation of being in the vanguard of the troops. As in 2004, when he set the Vatican in turmoil by declaring that someone who is HIV positive would be better to use a condom during sex. About gay marriage, he is clear, albeit cautiously: "It is positive if states want to regulate the relationships between people of the same sex but for the Church it is not real marriage as between man and woman. So you have a different name cited in the dictionary sites. But on what is legal, what one can do legitimately and legally, the Church has nothing to say.. "

The statements fit in with a change in the Vatican.
Paul Van Geest,
Professor of Church History, University of Tilburg

“What Cardinal Danneels says is remarkable. Here he creates a noteworthy opening, because the institution of the Church is opposed to a civil marriage, that regulates and legitimises sexual relationships between people of the same sex' "says Rik Torfs, professor of canon law and rector-elect of the university. Paul Van Geest, professor of church history and his colleague at the University of Tilburg, gives perspective."There is the story put out by the New York Times that the current Pope, Jorge Bergoglio, as archbishop of Buenos Aires behind the scenes campaigned for legal rights for gay couples and civil union, a fight he lost in the Argentine Episcopal Conference. (See Cathcon- witness inside the Episcopal Conference) ;The statements fit in with a change in the Vatican. "

Also Archbishop Andre Leonard sides with Danneels, "The position of Danneels is that of the Archbishop ', says Jeroen Moens, a spokesman for the archdiocese."Monsignor Leonard has no problem with a legal commitment between gay men. But he would not call it marriage. Let us say that Monsignor Leonard endorses a gay commitment. Marriage happens before the Church in the complementarity of man and woman. Such complementarity is impossible between two people of the same sex. "

Let us say that Monsignor Leonard endorses a gay commitment.
Jeroen Moens,
Archdiocese spokesman

Danneels, in other words, is not the only ecclesiastical dignitary who recently reached out to gay couples. Archbishop Piero Marini, the Papal Master of Ceremonies promoted by Pope Benedict (Cathcon- well, not exactly) recently remarked that "it is time to recognize that many couples suffer because their civil rights are not recognized.

Similar words were spoken earlier this year Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family - before he was rebuffed

Source Cathcon- Archbishop Leonard is in theory at least meant to be a conservative. Like origami, turn a conservative inside out and you get a liberal. You cannot do that with tradition. See also German Cardinal defends mutually caring homosexual relationships

Shortage of wafers and wine for Mass hits Venezuela

The food shortages in Venezuela have now reached the Catholic Church: Because there is a lack of sacramental wine and flour for the production of hosts, the Bishop of the western state of Merida is now threatening to reduce the number of services significantly.

"When we cannot hold a service any more in a reasonable way, we need to reduce the numbers of celebrations of the Eucharist, which would be very unfortunate," Bishop Baltazar Porras said on Monday. According to him, inventories of the fine sacramental wine in Merida will only last for two to three months. Also the supply of wafers was "very limited" because the nuns have run out of flour. Venezuelan inhabitants are accustomed to the constant lack of food and basic necessities such as toilet paper: the country has to import most of its goods, but given the drastic exchange controls dollars are difficult to come by. The sacramental wine was previously exempted from the tax, but now the Socialist government has cut the subsidies. Meanwhile, a bottle costs $ 16 (about twelve euros), as much as normal wine.


When is a bank, not a bank? When it is a Vatican Bank

Quote from an Interview with IOR President, Ernst von Freyberg

"So you are strictly speaking not a bank?

“We are not a bank. We do not lend money, we do not make direct investments, we do not act as financial counterparts so you cannot get a swatch or a hedge from us. We do not speculate in currency or commodities, our core is we receive money as deposits and we then invest it in government bonds, some corporate bonds and in the inter-banking market where we deposit with other banks, for a slightly higher interest rate than we receive in order to be able to give it back to our customers whenever they want it.”"