Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pope backs Argentinian sovereignty over Falklands in long private meeting with President Kirchner-

A cup of mate tea for each party was served during the almost two hours twenty minutes that the Holy Father Francis I and President Cristina Kirchner remained together.

Officials with access to the participants  informed Infobae that "the meeting was actually better than expected."

Cristina said that she saw Bergoglio as "serene, safe, peaceful, quiet, busy and preoccupied."

For a government source who was consulted, "the lunch marked a turning of the page in the relationship between the two actors."

The Pope's gesture of offering to meet the President emerged from work on several points by Chancellor Héctor Timerman, the Religious Affairs Secretary, Guillermo Oliveri and the Argentine ambassador to the Vatican, Juan Pablo Cafiero .

On Friday afternoon, the Protocol Office of the Pope called to invite Cristina to lunch. Parrilli Oscar, with his phone in hand near to the President in Olivos, responded affirmatively.

Malvinas: When Cristina suggested that his Holiness intercede with the United Kingdom to comply with the United Nations resolutions calling for dialogue, the successor of Pope Benedict privately confirmed its position in favor of the sovereignty of Argentina islands.

A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of the Government David Cameron had reacted quickly to Cristina Kirchner's position and  said his government hoped that the Vatican does not change position.

Youth: At lunch there was an opportunity to address the future agenda of the Holy Father and his trip to Brazil where he will attend the World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro.

In this context, there was occasion to exchange views about youth involvement in the affairs of public life. And it was Francis who was "positive" about the incorporation of  youth in politics.

Visit: Without hesitation, the President extended invitation for an official visit to Argentina and which should be arranged by José María Arancedo , head of the Episcopal Conference of Argentina (CEA) and the Religious Affairs Department of the Argentine government.

As explained Cristina Kirchner, the Pope is not only the head of the Catholic Church but also head of the Vatican State, and thus to comply with protocol a 'double invitation " is issued.

Infobae learned that in the coming hours meetings will begin between Argentine officials and members of the Church to find a date.

Some predicted it would be in conjunction with the visit to Brazil, in July of this year, but since there are elections in October in our country, to take away any speculation about "photo" opportunities in the Presidential residence, it is more likely to be towards the end of the year.

Source Cathcon- if these reports are true, we can expect some statement from the Pope during his visit to his homeland.

Pope says certainties are a jail that imprisons the Holy Spirit

"Bergoglio: Our certainties can become a wall, a jail that imprisons the Holy Spirit. Those who isolate their conscience from the path of the people of God don’t know the joy of the Holy Spirit that sustains hope. That is the risk run by the isolated conscience. Of those who from the closed world of their Tarsis complain about everything or, feeling their identity threatened, launch themselves into battles only in the end to be still more self-concerned and self-referential."

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Cathcon- there are Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, all of which lead to some sort of certainty, not least among them understanding. Great caution should therefore be exercised with such arguments or otherwise gifts of the Holy Spirit or even truths of the Faith could be rejected, so to speak by accident.
At least, we don't hear much about the particular Spirit of Vatican II anymore, which was used to justify pretty much anything. One trusts that the Pope will not be suddenly saying that he is moved by the spirit to ordain women.
This statement ties in well with the Pope's support for the charismatic movement. Se at this link his Charismatic Mass in the Cathedral. A one sided devotion to the Holy Spirit has a tendency to detract from devotion to the Most Holy and Undivided Trinity.

“The traditional Latin Mass brigade is finished.” - Vatican diplomat

Watching him preside at Mass yesterday, I was reminded of the phrase we learned in liturgy class: the “noble simplicity of the Roman Rite.” Francis’ predecessor, Pope Benedict, had a love for the baroque, in his musical tastes and his liturgical tastes. We do not yet know what music is in Francis’ iPad, but I think it is safe to say that his liturgical tastes are less elaborate than his predecessor. One almost felt sorry for Msgr. Marini, the papal master of ceremonies and architect of Benedict’s liturgical style. Almost. I was glad that Pope Francis faced the congregation, not the wall. And, with the gravity of his posture and the prayerfulness of his words, I did not sense that we had lost any awareness of the divine by facing west instead of east. A Vatican diplomat assured me yesterday, 

“The traditional Latin Mass brigade is finished.”

I do not begrudge those with an affection or even a nostalgia for the traditional Latin Mass the chance to participate in it. But, restoring the Tridentine Rite is not exactly a pastoral program for the twenty-first century either. But, over the past few years, and not only in Rome, the sense was growing that this was all about dressing up. The cappa magnas, which play no part in the liturgy itself, were purchased and worn. Cardinal deacons, in dalmatics and miters, served papal masses. If all that goes away, that is fine with me

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Pope as liturgical tone setter

Austin Lipari watched clips of Pope Francis’s inaugural Mass on Tuesday like a detective spotting clues.

The music? Classic, but not ornate — the type that could be sung by a regular parish choir. Pope Francis’s clothing? A bit simpler than what Pope Benedict wore.


Pope Francis: Pope Francis, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, is the first pontiff from South America. Here is a look at the Catholic leader.

To traditional Catholics like Lipari, who saw Benedict’s revival of ancient and grand worship styles as key to preserving Catholicism, a new, unknown pope is a bit nerve-racking. Particularly one known for a simple, modern approach.

“We’re still figuring this guy out,” said the 26-year-old Catholic University law school student. “There’s a feeling that the progress we made [under Benedict] was hard-won, and people don’t want to lose the gains they’ve made. A Pope is a tone-setter.”

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How Francisans celebrate Mass


New Pope approves of Medjugorje

As Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Pope Francis opened his diocese to Medjugorje priests, and asked Fr. Jozo Zovko to bless him. And shortly before he left for the papal conclave in Rome, he approved of visionary Ivan Dragicevic’s public apparition arrangements that drew 10,000 people.

Medjugorje is far from unknown to Pope Francis.
In the recent newsletter of the organization Children of Medjugorje, Sr. Emmanuel Maillard summarizes three occasions when the new Pope, as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, approved of public talks from prominent Medjugorje visitors in his diocese.

The most recent of these approvals was given just a few weeks ago:

Part of the audience present at visionary Ivan Dragicevic’s public apparition on March 6 at Luna Park, Buenos Aires, an arrangement approved of by then-Cardinal Bergoglio.

“He welcomed Fr. Jozo Zovko while on his mission in Argentina. He welcomed Fr. Danko last year, for his mission through Argentina. And Cardinal Bergoglio allowed (visionary) Ivan to spread his witness in Buenos Aires early this March. Only a few days before leaving for Rome to join the conclave, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio gave his approval for Ivan to receive the apparition at Luna Park” Sr. Emmanuel informs.

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Cathcon- given that we have a Marian Pope and that he is inclined towards the Franciscans,  who are the Order responsible for running the Shrine much to the discomfort of the local bishop, approval of the place is now inevitable- whatever the report commissioned by Pope Benedict says about the matter.

This bodes well for the ecclesiastical career of Cardinal Schönborn who has been a great supporter even visiting the Shrine

This would come as a shock to my friend, Michael Davies, the great traditionalist writer, now sadly no longer with us, who told me that when he was writing a book about Medjugorje, he received several telephone calls during a visit in which he was told if he ever came back he would be killed.

Dominican joy for Franciscan Pope from the Jesuit Order


Government-backed smear campaign against Pope- Argentinian Parliamentarians demand information

National MPs Patricia Bullrich and Alfredo Atanasof today demanded the urgent summoning to Parliament of SIDE director Hector Icazuriaga, to explain the possible role of the State Intelligence Secretariat (SIDE) in the smear campaign against Jorge Bergoglio." In this context, they added that the Pope was "falsely accused of being complicit in the commission of crimes against humanity, as well as the collaboration with the military dictatorship in the kidnapping and torture of two Jesuit priests in his Diocese." This is the reason they have asked for an urgent investigation "of how, when and who put together the case against the newly elected Pope" and added that "the construction of falsity is a crime, as is the shameful use any policy which co-opt human Rights". Via a Parliamentary resolution, the two lawmakers noted that they wish " to demand explanations who was responsible for assembling the smear case, and that the Intelligence Secretariat should provide all the information they have about the matter and the involvement of agency officials involved in such dealings." They also stated that "Argentina Justice not only demonstrated the falsity of the accusation, but said that while the priest gave testimony as a witness in the ESMA case, he was never even accused or suspected of the commission and / or collaboration in crimes against humanity "


Videos of Pope in court being questioned about military junta

On November 8, 2010, the Archbishop of Buenos Aires Jorge Bergoglio, today Pope Francis, made statements for nearly four hours as a witness in the public trial for crimes against humanity committed in the School of Naval Mechanics (ESMA). The judges of  Federal Court 5 Daniel Obligado, Germán Castelli and Ricardo Farias questioned Bergoglio in the presence of the parties to the trial: attorneys, prosecutors and defense.

Bergoglio's statement was videotaped and then transcribed and added to the file and quoted in the judgment in which the Court condemned the oppressors who tortured and killed in secret detention center run by the Navy. Clarín have obtained an exclusive copy of the statement video , which lasts three hours and fifty minutes. In the pictures taken by the  Archdiocese, you can see Bergoglio and the Court.

On that occasion Bergoglio was questioned about the kidnapping of the Jesuit priests Orlando Yorio and Francisco Jalics who were detained in ESMA and released. In that statement, questioned by Luis Zamora, former deputy attorney for the human rights organisation,  Bergoglio says he met separately  twice with the dictator Jorge Videla and Emilio Massera-Chief of the Navy, to intercede for the two Jesuit priests who had been arrested . Priests  Yorio and Jalics were released after five months of having suffered torture at ESMA.

Here, two fragments of video Bergoglio's statement before the court. In one, the then Cardinal tells how he learned of the disappearance of the two Jesuits and tough dialogue he had about them with the then Navy chief Emilio Massera, who in those days ruled over the life and death of Argentinians .

Last night, Clarín published today the words of Pope Francis in another passage, where he declared that asked Yorio and Jalics, before his abduction, to take precautions because of the criticism that was then being received from "some quarters" about the priests who did pastoral work in the slums. He cited the case of the murder of Father Carlos Mugica.


The videos