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Pope visited deathbed of ex-priest who concelebrated "Mass" with his wife

But a different picture has been painted by one of Bergoglio's friends, a radical feminist and Catholic called Clelia Luro, who is about as far to the left on the ecclesial spectrum as you can go. She married a prominent and respected bishop, Jerónimo Podestá – one of the leaders of the progressive reforms that followed the second Vatican council – and was sometimes seen concelebrating mass with him, the kind of thing that makes a Catholic cleric's hair stand on end. But Bergoglio reacted differently.

Luro talked to me at length about her friend, of whom she has the highest opinion, and told me how she would write to him almost weekly, and he would always reply by ringing her up and having a short chat. When Podesta was dying, Bergoglio was the only Catholic cleric who went to visit him in hospital, and, when he died, the only one who showed public recognition of his great contribution to the Argentinian church.

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If this is one of the Pope's real friends, I hate to think what he really wants for the liturgy.

In an Open Letter to Pope Benedict at the time of her husband's death, she claimed the marriage had been blessed by Archbishop Helder Camera.
Pope Francis on the liturgy- he talks about the uniqueness of the priesthood and the priesthood of all believers.

Moscow Patriarchate warns Pope

The Foreign Minister of the Russian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan Hilarion, warns the new Pope Francis against promoting the Greek Catholic Church in the Ukraine. In a Tuesday interview published by the Moscow Patriarchate Hilarion said: "If the Pope is supporting the Uniate Church,  this will lead to  no good." The Church associated with Rome was the "most painful issue in the Orthodox-Catholic dialogue." Francis has close relations with the Uniates as they have one of their strongholds in Argentina.

The Russian Orthodox Church accuses the Greek Catholic Church in the former Soviet Union, since being repermited by Mikhail Gorbachev of having taken by force in the early 1990s in Western Ukraine hundreds of places of worship.

The Uniates have vehemently denied this. They remember only that they only got back those churches that had been taken away from them in 1946 when ordered by Stalin into a forced merger with the Moscow Patriarchate.

Hilarion had said in the past week, told journalists in Moscow: "The rebirth of the Church in Western Ukraine is a difficult moment in the relations between the Orthodox and the Catholic Church." Orthodox believers at that time were displaced from their cathedrals.

Hilarion and the head of the Greek Catholic Church of Ukraine, Major Archbishop Shevchuk Swjatoslav of Kiev  both attended on Tuesday the Mass for the inauguration of Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square. The Pope received the Russian Orthodox metropolitans on Monday in a brief interview.

According to the Moscow Patriarchate, Francis said that he had on Monday prayed at a church service for the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill I.   The occasion was the Feast of St. Cyril of Jerusalem (c. 315-386). Moreover, the Pope thanked them for an exhibition of Russian icons in Buenos Aires in the fall of 2012, which he attended as a former archbishop of the Argentine capital.

Major Archbishop Shevchuk had recalled in a recent intervie of the Uniate-connection of the new Pope. He is very familiar with the Eastern Catholic Churches. One of the early mentors of Jorge Mario Bergoglio was a  Ukrainian religious priest and later Greek Catholic Bishop Stepan Czmil've (1914-1978).

Bergoglio had as a student in Buenos Aires celebrated together with Czmil've worship in the Byzantine rite, according to Shevchuk. "The Holy Father not only knows our church very well, but also our liturgy, our rituals and spirituality," said Shevchuk.

The Major Archbishop had himself begun his episcopal career in Buenos Aires under the eyes of Bergoglio. From 2009 to 2011 the native of Lviv served as bishop for the Ukrainian Uniate Church in Argentina. "For this reason I am convinced that the Holy Father will be a great help for our church," said Shevchuk. Under Pope Francis, the Uniate Church looks forward to a good future.

The Greek-Catholic Church of Ukraine is the largest Catholic Eastern Church. She has about seven million members. Of which about 1.5 million are living abroad, where more than half of the dioceses and exarchates lie.


Pope co-authored book with rabbi who is in favour of homosexual marriage

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, from March 13, 2013 Pope Francis, and Rabbi Abraham Skorka, rector of the Latin American Rabbinical Seminary, two tenacious promoters of interfaith dialogue, through which they seek to build common horizons undiluted particularities that characterized.

About Heaven and Earth is the result of a series of deep conversations alternately held at the headquarters of the Episcopate and in the Jewish B'nai Tikvah. In these meetings, the most varied theological and worldly matters were discussed- God, fundamentalism, atheists, death, the Holocaust, homosexuality, capitalism are just a handful of topics on which the new leader of the Catholic Church and the prestigious Rabbi Skorka give their opinions .

Sobre el cielo y la tierra (Vintage Espanol) (Spanish Edition): Jorge Bergoglio, Abrahm Skorka

Cathcon- Rabbi Skorka is so progressive that he can in no way be looked on as a representative of mainstream Judaism. Indeed, in these circles, he is greeted with hostility. See also new Pope celebrating Hanukkah

Unlike the Argentinian Bishops, Pope did not want to oppose gay marriage.

There is objective data. For instance, at the beginning of the debate about the gay marriage bill in his country, Bergoglio suggested that all bishops should opt for a moderate approach, such as leaving open the intermediate consideration of de facto unions. His political perception was there: he knew that former President Néstor Kirchner was going place high stakes on the matter, exerting pressure on legislators with both good and evil arts. Besides this, the Cardinal believed that the unfortunate manner in which the Episcopate had opposed the divorce law in Argentina could not be afforded. He thought, eventually, that across the board opposition was counterproductive. In fact, that was the single occasion when, as President of the Episcopate, he had lost a vote. Future events proved he was right.

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Pope Francis on the Eucharist


Cathcon- traditional views on the Sacrifice and the necessity of priesthood combined with more modern views on the priesthood of all believers which fit in rather well with his active support for Charismatic Renewal in his homeland. Pray God he is not as deeply involved in the charismatic movement as Cardinal Suenens became after the Council- it can lead to illuminationism and a forgetfulness of the whole nature of the Most Holy and Undivided Trinity.

Ancient envies and rivalries among Italians led to election of Pope Francis

As Bergoglio gained steam, Scola’s fortunes continued to decline, thanks also to “ancient envies and rivalries,” as La Stampa’s Giacomo Galeazzi put it, among the 28 Italian electors – a bloc far larger than any other country’s, but also more fractious and “inexorably hostile to Scola.”

“In the last few hours there were signs that Scola’s strong candidacy was a giant with clay feet,” Galeazzi wrote.

No Italian restoration

By the fourth ballot on Wednesday — the fifth since the conclave had begun — Bergoglio passed the threshold of 77 votes on his way to upwards of 90 votes out of 115. It was just before 7 p.m., a little more than 24 hours since they started, and the Catholic Church had a new pope. “I was surprised that consensus among the cardinals was reached so soon,” said Ireland’s Cardinal Sean Brady.

Also surprised, apparently, was the Italian bishops’ conference, which was so sure that Scola would win that it sent out a message of congratulations to Scola on his election as soon as the white smoke appeared over the Sistine Chapel.

Yet there was to be no Italian restoration.

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Francis, go and repair my house which is all destroyed as thou seest

On a time he entered into the church of S. Damian for to make his prayers, and the image of Jesu Christ spake unto him and said: Francis, go and repair my house which is all destroyed as thou seest. And from that hour the soul of him liquefied, and the passion of Jesu Christ was marvellously infixed in his heart. And then he did great pain, and was busy in repairing the church, and sold all that he had, and gave the money thereof to a priest, and he durst not receive it for fear of his parents and kin. Then he, casting it away tofore the priest as dust, setting not thereby, wherefore he was taken of his father and bound, and he restored to him his money, and resigned also his clothes, and so naked he fled to our Lord, and clad him with hair. And then the blessed Francis went unto a simple man, whom he took instead of his father, and prayed him that like as his father doubled on him his curses, that in contrary he should bless him.

His own brother Germane seeing him in a winter time have on him but foul and few clothes, and that he trembled for cold and was entending to his prayers, said to his fellow: Go to Francis and say to him that he sell to thee a pennyworth of his sweat. And when he heard it he answered with a glad cheer: I will sell it unto my Lord God.

On a day he heard in the church that which our Lord said to his disciples when he sent them to preach, and anon he addressed him with all his might to do and keep all those things; he did off his hosen and shoon from his feet and clad him with a foul coat, and took a cord for his girdle. He went on a time in a snow by a wood, and was taken by thieves, and they demanded him what he was, and he said that he was the messenger of God, and anon they took him and cast him in the snow, saying to him: Lie there, thou villain messenger of God. Many noble and unnoble clerks and laymen had despised the world and begun to follow him, and the holy father enseigned and taught them the perfection of the gospel, which was for to be in poverty, and that they should go by the way of simpleness. He wrote then a rule, after the gospel, to himself and his brethren, had and to be had, which Pope Innocent confirmed.

The Golden Legend on St Francis

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