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Cardinal says that pedophilia is not a crime

The Cardinal of Durban, Wilfrid Fox Napier, says that pedophilia is not a "criminal state", but a disease. His comments have attracted fierce criticism. The ecclesiastic also said that people who were themselves abused as a child, and who later abused other children themselves must be examined by doctors. They suffer from a psychological disorder. He even knows two pedophile priests who were abused as a child. Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier stated that if one were to commit a crime, one must be punished. Abused people who themselves become culprits, you cannot punish for these matters. They were themselves damaged. Source

Reports that Pope compared traditional liturgy to a carnival and the Master of Ceremonies to be sacked very soon

Monsignor Guido Marini, the Master of Ceremonies of Pope Benedict XVI. and all previous Masters of Ceremony face redundancy. This is reported by the tradition-orientated Messa in Latino . Pope Francis will get for his inauguration ceremony and the associated Pontifical Mass, the Franciscans of La Verna. "A further signal of the Jesuit Bergoglio to present himself as Franciscan on which the media places great value " said Messa in Latino .

Can only panic ensue because of the nature of the statement for which no exact source can be specified? Only a form of incitement associated with traditionalists against the new Pope, as the Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi recently lamented? Traditionalist Catholics are confused by some gestures of the Pope. The return of the "plywood altar" (Paul Badde) as people's altar in the Sistine Chapel was perceived partly with horror.

The Master of Ceremonies of the Pope is associated with the Roman Curia and the leadership of the church as much as a hermit on a high mountain. He is responsible for the central part of the liturgy, from which alone can come the renewal of the Church. If Monsignor Marini should actually be dismissed and it looks like even the first to be dismissed, then the recently so vehemently demanded conversion of the Roman Curia would start with a completely wrong step.

Gestures of the new Pope- humility or pauperism?
To the occasion which until recently was referred to as Accession and Coronation, the new Pope, in the name of his ostentatiously proclaimed pauperism, will not bear the golden pectoral cross of the Pope. "A cross that already exists and that is already paid for," said Messa in Latino .

Although the sacristy of St. Peter's is full of worthy and appropriate vestments, new ones were purchased by the new Pope with a lot of money on behalf of simplicity. How is that supposed to help the poor? But let us remember this. Pauperism is to poverty what snobbery is to the aristocracy. "The criticism of a" rich "church when it comes to the features of  worship and liturgical equipment is hypocritical and has always been hypocritical. It is the cheap excuse of those who do not want to really hear what Christ has to announce to them via the Church.

"The time for carnival items is over" - An authentic statement of Pope Francis ?
Messa in Latino reported that Monsignor Marini had with the Masters of Ceremony prepared the vestments, which are traditionally worn on this particular occasion on Thursday for the Holy Mass at the conclusion of the Conclave in the Sacristy of the Sistine Chapel. Pope Francis replied dismissively: "These things can attract, Monsignor. The time for carnival items is over. "

The words seems authentic because they are cited by several sources, including the Sacristy of the Sistine Chapel as a place of action. Some sources mention though the time as Wednesday evening immediately after the election. If the statement should indeed be true, it would indeed be very serious.

The reaction of the Pope, as is thought to have been produced on Thursday, was in any case the continuation of what happened on the loggia of St. Peter's on Wednesday evening after the Habemus Papam which was visible to all. Before the new Pope appeared on the balcony, there was a harsh exchange of words with the Papal Master of Ceremonies, as he was about to place the mozzetta on him, as had been the case with all of his predecessors. Francis rejected this categorically, as he already had at that time the Papal pectoral cross. He kept to his bishop's cross. The stole, he put on only for the blessing.

Pope Francis insulted Pope Benedict XVI and his predecessors in the office of Peter?
"A superior, who with a subordinate who only has fulfilled his duty, who speaks in a derogatory and offensive manner, and ultimately means Benedict XVI. and the Popes of many centuries who always wore these "carnival items" and were far more aware of their duties than their current successor criticizes themself, "said Messa in Latino .

If we read in the media about the humble manners of the new Pope, the "good evening," and asks for permission, "then we know now that this is just one side, his which faces the media," said Messa in Latino.

Pope Francis has little of the dignified figure of Benedict XVI which was suited in a special way to the sacred character of the Petrine ministry. Everyone who came near him, could not avoid an impression of meeting a truly humble human being. The humility which would not show through specific gestures, but was expressed by the whole being . Benedict XVI got completely behind the office, rejecting every applause and encouragement which could pertain to his person. He did not want to be cheered, he wanted to be heard.

Pope Benedict XVI. 2005 took over a Master of Ceremonies (Piero Marini), with an almost opposite liturgical sensibility. Still, he waited until the regular end of his term, in order to then confirm him no more and to replace him. He waited two years, not just two days and refused until then to dispense with the curious chromatic fantasy in the thought of Piero Marini- vestments in canary yellow, pea green or bright blue, even though they were in obvious contrast to all his own liturgical ideas. He even waited until Piero Marini had found a new role, with which he was comfortable. He rejected the appointment as diocesan bishop. He accepted only the appointment as President of the Commission for International Eucharistic Congresses. Towards Monsignor Guido Marini, his new boss will probably not be so considerate. Well, times have changed ... "said Messa in Latino.


Cathcon- these are only reports as yet- all will be revealed on 19 March when the Pope is "inaugerated".    However, they fit well with his approach to the traditional Mass in his own Diocese.

Pope did not say "Women are naturally unfit for political office."

The statements of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio against the participation of women in politics are false.

According to communications spread in social networks after the election of Pope Francis, Archbishop of Buenos Aires said in 2007 that "Women are naturally unfit for political office."

As shown by the news agency Aciprensa, this was actually a simple comment by an author with a pseudonym on the website Yahoo Answers.

Aciprensa referred to work done by the author of the blog "Counting Stars", who writes under the pseudonym Elentir, who analyzed the origin of the allegations, showing that were attributed to Cardinal Bergoglio six years ago by a user on the website "Yahoo Answers" who in turn is identified with the pseudonym of "Bumper Crop."

Full story

Direct criticism of Pope Benedict from Cardinal

Cardinal Karl Lehmann of Mainz has expressed in an interview with FOCUS criticism of the resigned Pope Benedict XVI. It displeases him that Benedict himself at the request of the Cardinals did not say everything that he knows about the affair Vatileaks.

Cardinal Karl Lehmann of Mainz expects the new Pope Francis that he will take up with Catholics who in the past years "may have been disappointed" and who have to be won back. In an interview with FOCUS, Lehmann clearly distanced itself from the retired Pope Benedict XVI. An explanation of the Vatileaks affair had only been "partially" given to the Cardinals in the Conclave. The secret dossier on this affair, Benedict had finally reserved for his successor to read. In the Conclave, one the cardinals who had compiled the dossier, read out "quasi the communique of December, which everyone knew."

"Nobody answered our questions"
Lehmann told FOCUS:. "Thus, one had the impression that we ask questions, but no one answered them." On the question of whether the confidential report should be made ​​public, the Cardinal said , "It must be worked through." Francis should think about whether he wanted to change the approach of his predecessor, because it "could be misinterpreted." In the Vatileaks affairc confidential documents stolen from the desk of the pope were leaked to a journalist. Among others his valet, Paolo Gabriele, was found to be responsible.


Archbishop Müller remains the Head of CDF

The new Pope Francis has confirmed in his post the former Bishop of Regensburg, Gerhard Ludwig Müller (65) as Prefect of the Roman Congregation, the Passauer Neue Presse has learned from reliable sources in Rome.

With the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, most of the high Curial offices were declared vacant - including that of the Prefect. The new Pope is able to make new appointments or confirm the previous office holders in their role. The rapid re-establishment of Gerhard Ludwig Müller is considered a vote of confidence in the former Bishop of Regensburg. Like the present Pope in his time as a Cardinal of Buenos Aires, Müller in Latin America - has been active on behalf of the poor - especially in Peru. Together with the "father of liberation theology", Gustavo Gutierrez, he has written the book "On the side of the poor."


Cathcon- not clear from the article whether the Head of the CDF is confirmed for the long term, as all the Curial offices have (finally) been confirmed pro forma. This normally follows within 24 hours of the new Pope being elected.

Pope Francis has been no friend to the liberation theology which Archbishop Müller so ardently espouses.   An indication of his attitude to the Head of the CDF will be whether the overdue red hat follows at the first opportunity.

So you think the Pope is not Catholic enough

Will post shortly on why this will be a highly successful Papacy
but why like Waterloo, it is going to be a close run thing.

Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople to attend Pope's installation Mass

The ecumenical patriarch will be accompanied by Ioannis Zizioulas, Metropolitan of Pergamon and co-president of the Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue between the Roman Catholic and the Orthodox Church, as well as Tarassios, Orthodox Metropolitan of Argentina, and Gennadios, Orthodox Metropolitan of Italy.

Relations between Catholics and Orthodox have been improving since the Second Vatican Council through mutual visits, acts of friendship and theological dialogue.

Under Benedict XVI, the dialogue picked up in earnest after a lull. In trying to promote it, the pope suggested ways to express the primacy of Peter's successor that could be acceptable to the Orthodox, finding his inspiration from the undivided Church of the first millennium.


Cathcon- most excellent news- and real ecumenical movement under the new Pope.  Who will the Russians be sending?  They have already said that an early meeting is not on the cards- it won't be in Moscow or Rome.   The Pope has good links to Ukrainian Catholics and presides over their Ordinariate in Argentina.

Pope Benedict laid aside the title of Patriarch of the West, a move with which the Russian Orthodox disapproved. 

Oh that the Catholic Church since the Vatican Council had guarded Her liturgies as well as the Orthodox have done for centuries!

Did Pope Francis deliberately try to sabotage the Latin Mass in his own Diocese?

Comment on my earlier post. Thank you to the kind reader for this information.

Fr. Dotro was a well-trained liturgist? The second article linked below says that he botched the Mass, used the Novus (dis)Ordo calendar, had laymen and women reading the readings in the vernacular, and saw attendance drop from ~100 to 3. No mention of Bergoglio on the Argentinian Una Voce site. This Argentinian Juventutem webpage says: "I agree with Wanderer that Cardinal Bergoglio—and with him, all those follower him—has resisted the Pope, astutely and firmly opposing the difusion of the Traditional Mass in his Archdiocese, as we have already said in a previous post." [linked below] It refers to this article,which says (italics in original): "We are told that an Episcopal Vicar who later became Bishop of a provincial capital south of Buenos Aires spoke smilingly: "Bergoglio has a plan to boycott the Motu Proprio without Rome realizing.


To which I add my own translation of the key last part of the final article- which starts with the botched Modus Celebrandi of Father Dotro.   They call him Sacha Dotro (as a play on sacerdotus)  Sacha means in the Incan language "Incomplete, Pseudo, False, Partial"-  he has clearly generated much  unhappiness. No wonder, he said the Latin Mass was "a Streetcar against modern means of transportation."

"In October 2007, the Cardinal forbade the continuation of the Extraordinary Form in the Sacred Heart Chapel despite the then priest Carlos White establishing at the request of the parishioners (Incidentally, Father Carlos has left the Archdiocese and is now ministering 2000 Km of Buenos Aires). When we know positively that there are priests who have been reprimanded and punished for Masses only held privately with the assistance of a few friends, then it was difficult not to come to a more reasonable conclusion: there is a plan, and it is fulfilled in such a way that the Gregorian Mass remains proscribed just as much or more than before July 7 2007. Pray that the authority of the Pope comes to the aid of the faithful of this Archdiocese, to restore justice!"

 Their Archbishop and Diocesan ordinary is now Pope!