Monday, February 25, 2013

Should the four accusers of the Cardinal be excommunicated for interfering in the Conclave?


The canon lawyer stressed the legal necessity of precise rules in order to "avoid uncertainty and also dangers that have occurred in 2000 years of history". The Cardinals, Archbishop Arrieta said are in obedience obliged to accept the invitation to the General Congregation, and then to take part in the conclave. Who should keep trying, to preventthem attending, to hinder a regular proceeding of the conclave according to the electoral rules, to intervene in the election, or to attempting to influence the election, runs according to canon law, the excommunication latae sententiae. The excommunication must be ascertained in each case specifically. The person responsible will automatically be judged by his action. The severe exclusion from the ecclesial community therefore also applies to anyone who tries to stop any of the 117 voting cardinals from participating in the conclave.


Cardinal joins in Muslim prayer in the Great Mosque of Lyon

The Archbishop of Lyon, Philippe Cardinal Barbarin visited the Grand Mosque of Lyon, and there prayed for the release of a seven-member French family who has been kidnapped in Cameroon and is held hostage. "Does Allah hear the prayers more than our Lord Jesus Christ?," asks the French website Riposte Catholique .

Kabtane Kamel, head of the Grand Mosque of Lyon announced on his website: "Cardinal Barbarin, Primate of the French, visited on 21 February 2013 in the afternoon the Grand Mosque of Lyon, to pray with the Muslim community for the release of seven French hostages, including four children. The prayer was held in the presence of a large audience. After the head of the Great Mosque, Kamel Kabtane, had recited from the Koran, he called on the mosque to pray for the speedy release of the hostages. The Cardinal appeared moved by the fraternal meeting in the mosque of Lyon and prayed with them.

The ceremony was concluded by the imam of the mosque, after he had called for prayer for peace and the brotherhood of man, against unjust wars, for the concerns of innocent people. "
The appearance of Cardinal Barbarin in the mosque was not the first time. Riposte Catholique writes that the Cardinal in 2010 recited at the end of the Mass from the Koran and said elsewhere as early as 2011, the Shahada, the Islamic creed . The secretary of the Archbishop, Renaud de Kermadec said that a quotation in a lecture by the Cardinal at an interreligious dialogue conference had been misunderstood.


Vatileaks dossier kept from Cardinals by Pope as they decide on his successor

The investigation report of the Cardinal Commissioners into the "Vatileaks affair" remains under lock and key and will only be made ​​available to the new Pope. This is from a Vatican communique issued on Monday in connection with an audience for the three cardinals Julian Herranz, Jozef Tomko and Salvatore Di Giorgi. Initially it was thought that the Pope could make the text available to the Cardinals at the start of the General Congregation.

At the audience with the three cardinals, the Pope thanked the Commission for the completion of its, said the statement. Your report did - "beside the limits and imperfections given the human component of all institutions - made clear the generosity, honesty and dedication of the employees for the Holy See in the service of the pope".

"The Pope has decided that the records of the investigation about whose contents only the Pope is aware, will only be made available to the new Pope," according to the communique.


Pope accepts resignation of Cardinal after allegations of 'inappropriate behaviour'

Original story-

Three priests and a former priest report the most senior Catholic clergyman in Britain, Cardinal Keith O'Brien, to the Vatican over allegations of inappropriate behaviour stretching back 30 years.

The Observer newspaper says they have demanded his immediate resignation.

The allegations come just days after Cardinal O'Brien called for Catholic priests to be able to marry and have children, saying some struggled with celibacy.

A statement from the Scottish Catholic church said Cardinal O'Brien contested the claims and was taking legal advice.


"You don't have the figure to be Pope"- Cardinal to female reporter

A team of satirical from ZDF's "Heute (Today) Show" has angered the head of the Catholic Church in Germany. The catalyst was a meeting of the "Heute-show" comedienne Carolin Kebekus with Cologne Cardinal Joachim Meisner last week, as reported by the news magazine "Der Spiegel" in its latest issue.

At a press conference of the German bishops in Trier Kebekus had asked the dignitaries on camera for advancement of women in the church - and says she has a job application in his hand: She wants to be Pope. Meisner's answer: "Because you do not have the figure to be Pope."

Cathcon note- Figur can also mean character or physique- the triple meaning makes the comment a magnet for satire

At the conference, a spokesman for the German Bishops' Conference tried ​​to ensure that the scene will not broadcast, it was stated on TV. He placed himself between the camera and Cardinal. After the incident, the Catholic Church complained to the top management of the station about the "Heute-show". In the broadcast last Friday moderated by Oliver Welke, the report was shown as planned.

Cardinal Meisner should not be too surprised to be a figure of fun if he holds Carnival Masses inside his Cathedral.