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Vatican insists all cardinals must attend Conclave- even Danneels,Brady, Mahony and Rigali

The Vatican said Friday that the presence of the cardinals in the conclave to elect the new pope is an absolute requirement, while many of them criticized in pedophilia scandals are pressed by victims' associations not to go to Rome.

Father Federico Lombardi, spokesman of the Holy See- "It is a duty, a ministry given to cardinals. Under no circumstances can it be waived," said Father Federico Lombardi, spokesman of the Holy See at a press briefing.

In several countries, the United States, Belgium and Ireland, associations of former victims of pedophile priests are pushing for some cardinals to be prevented by their church to go to Rome.

Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles is particularly in the crosshairs, after he was relieved of his duties last month for protecting in the past priests accused of sexual abuse.
But the former Archbishop of Philadelphia Justin Francis Rigali, Belgian Cardinal Godfried Danneels and Irish Cardinal Sean Brady are also on trial.

In principle, the electoral college is composed of 117 cardinals under the age of 80 years. But more could be absent for health reasons. "The acceptance of reasons for absence depends on the congregation of cardinals meeting prior to the conclave, after the resignation of the pope, said Father Lombardi.

Asked about the predictable absence of Julius Riyadi Darmaatmadja, Archbishop Emeritus of Jakarta, the spokesman acknowledged that a cardinal would probably be absent "for health reasons", these generally being considered valid.

According to the Italian magazine Panorama, another Cardinal Antonius Naguib Egyptian could also be absent for health reasons.


German Bishops' ruling on the morning after pill based on scientific myth

Morning-after pills all have abortive potential, doctor says

The reasoning offered by the German Catholic bishops for allowing the morning-after pill in rape cases is being faulted for citing information that is not medically accurate.

“There is absolutely no such pill with a 100 percent guarantee that it will not cause an abortion,” said Dr. Catherine Vierling, who studied medicine at the Universities of Paris and Strasbourg.

The German bishops unanimously agreed on Feb. 21 to allow the morning-after pill to be administered in Catholic health facilities for rape cases, provided that it is administered in a way that “has a preventive and not an abortive effect.”

Their decision came after a 25-year-old woman said she was raped and was refused treatment at two Catholic hospitals in Cologne.

“Medical and pharmaceutical methods which result in the death of an embryo still may not be used,” a Feb. 22 statement from the German Bishops’ Conference said.

However, as part of their discussion, Cardinal Karl Lehmann, president of the conference’s Commission for Doctrine and Faith, provided a moral and theological evaluation of the morning-after pill “on the basis of scientific findings on the availability of new compounds with modified effect.”

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Cathcon has made a request via the Bishops Conference website for the scientific findings on which the statement is based. The German Bishops owe it to the Catholic world to provide these as a matter of urgency.

Cardinal Schönborn worried by homosexual adoption

The local Roman Catholic Church is not happy with this week's ruling by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) on the adoptive rights of homosexual couples. This ruling "we'll have to take note of, but look at it with concern," Cardinal Christoph Schönborn and Bishop Klaus Küng gave their position on Friday via Kathpress.

The ECHR held: gay people should not be denied the so-called stepchild-adoption because of their sexual orientation. Austria discriminates against gay couples.

The problem with the judgment is that "there is a further development towards reframing the family image prescribed" according Schönborn and Küng. Every person has "dignity" - and whose "attitudes, beliefs, skills, and sexual orientation" are to be respected. If, however, the "right to demand the cessation of all forms of discrimination", has an influence on family law, there are serious consequences to be taken into account," say the churchmen. "Central to this question is that the child's welfare must be considered. The identity of each person is "inextricably linked to his own father and his own mother, it said in the statement. "And the child suffers most when families break up or if they can now grow up in the security of the family within the meaning of marriage between father and mother."

Politicians have announced their intention to amend the relevant legislation in the context of the judgement of the award judges. The SPÖ (Socialists) wants a major reform: that gay couples can marry and be allowed to adopt children. The ÖVP (People's Party- Christian Democrats- theoretically Catholic)  rejects this. They want to allow only stepchild-adoption. In the spring, a draft bill will be published.


Glove Puppet Cardinal

Reactions illustration for Cathcon story

Am trying to track down the evidence that the Bishops' Conference used to maintain that the morning-after pill is not an abortofaciant.

Pressure on Cardinal Danneels not to attend Conclave

The representatives of the victims of the paedophile priests "do not want him not to go"

Father Rik Devillé, head of the group "Human Rights in the Church" wants to prevent the Cardinal Godfried Danneels from participating in the next conclave. "It would be morally inappropriate given everything we know about how the cardinal was silent for years about sexual abuse by his priests! And then there is always an ongoing investigation for culpable negligence by absence or non-assistance to people in danger. "

Judgment falls like a guillotine blade from the former parish priest who never ceases to settle accounts with his institution, and he is obviously inspired by the campaign against the presence of American cardinal Roger Mahony in the conclave who faces strong critcism on both sides of the Atlantic.

But comparison is not right: the former Archbishop of Los Angeles relieved by his successor Msgr Gomez and can not speak or act in the American Church. He is called to the conclave, because he is not yet 80 years old because the Pope has not (yet) been led to the logical conclusion to deprive him of his title of cardinal. A heavy decision , so heavy that there is only one precedent: Cardinal Louis Billot, who could not accept the condemnation by the Church of Action française and Charles Maurras.

Rik Devillé however did not budge: he suggests that the successor Godfried Danneels, Archbishop Léonard, should follow his fellow Californian, and also remove the cardinal. No question of starting a petition here, but " Mensenrechten Kerk" will contact directly parishes and local communities in the coming days.

What do the top of the church think of this? Spokesman for the Bishops' Conference, Fr Tommy Scholtes SJ has no doubt that Cardinal Danneels will go to Rome and will have the rest next week to farewell the current pope. "It is a duty for him, especially as this is an important vote for the universal Church as it is for Belgium. I will go further: if there was no real reason, the conclave could be invalidated! Finally, Rik Devillé is aware that there is the presumption of innocence. "

The controversy arises at the moment of the publication of the first report of the Arbitration Center of Parliament and the Belgian Church. Finally, 621 victims of clerical abuse have made a request for compensation. So far, 67 cases have been treated, resulting in damages of 303,000 euros. The Church will pay finally about 2.5 to 3 million euros. So far, it has paid compensation of 5000 euros relating to 48 "lighter" cases and larger amounts for 19 "serious" cases.


Feast of the Chair of St Peter


Homosexual network in Vatican organised sex parties and blackmailed senior members of the Curia

Gay network organised sex parties
The Cardinals with their information had given the Pontiff "a clear picture of the damage and the rotten fish" in the Vatican, said the newspaper report. Is it about "improper influence" on members of the Curia, and an overarching network, linked together by "sexual orientation", of lobbyists with financial interests. The report explicitly spoke of violations of several Christian commandments. With these papers on his desk Benedict had decided a week before Christmas on his resignation.

Some high prelates were influenced from outside by laymen, to whom they were associated by relations of "secular nature", the newspaper said. The word homosexuality was used in the context. However merely cited is a source briefed on the report that claims everything had turned to the non-observance of the commandments, which say one should not steal or engage in "impure acts". The Cardinals have identified a hidden gay network that organised sex parties in Rome and the Vatican. Curia members in the network had been blackmailed because of their sexual orientation.

In the "Vatileaks" affair over stolen and passed-on documents of Pope Benedict, the valet Paolo Gabriele  was convicted and later pardoned by the head of the church.

Benedict expires on 28 February from his post. The report says that he wants to pass the "Vatileaks" personal information to his successor, hoping that he is "strong, young and holy" enough, to then take the necessary steps.

Source See also Did Pope's discovery of gay network in Vatican lead to abdication? Similar story- very different source

Cardinal supports female deacons

The German bishops discuss at their spring conference about how they can support greater participation of women in the Catholic Church. Cardinal Walter Kasper calls for a new diaconal ministry, women priests, he rejects, however.

Trier - At the spring meeting of the German Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Walter Kasper has proposed a new diaconal office for Women. He spoke of a parish deacon who takes on certain pastoral, charitable, catechetical and liturgical services. Such an office is different from the post of male deacon, said Kasper. The parish deacon will be commissioned by a blessing, not by a sacramental consecration.

"I think if there is such a position that is not simply attached to the classic office of deacon, would have a lot more flexibility," the retired cardinal said on Wednesday in Trier. The occasion was a study day in which the bishops discussed how they can support greater participation of women in the Catholic church.

They committed themselves to "increase significantly the proportion of women in leadership positions that do not require ordination to increase significantly," said Bishop Franz-Josef Bode. Currently, women occupy 13 percent of the top management positions in the Catholic Church. At the central level, this may be 19 percent. The figures show: "Women are still under-represented." After five years, the bishops wanted to examine how their intent had been implemented, said Bode.

Women in the priesthood were rejected by Kasper, "I think that this will not change the position that women can not be ordained to the priesthood." This was "the unbroken tradition of the Eastern Church as the Western Church." Women can however in all other parts of the church be active in volunteer and official roles. "Every German parish would collapse if the women did not work"

The Movement We are Church called on the sidelines of the Spring Plenary again for the priesthood for women. "The key positions in the church only come through priestly office," said their representative Annegret Laakmann . "We want to be priests, bishops and Popes." According to the movement, needs for more positions for women in the administration of the Church are not a matter for discussion. "It's a matter of course that women with the required qualifications get these positions," said Laakmann. The talks had been "a sop".


"Morning-after pill" - statement of German Bishops Conference in English

Moral theological issues related to rape ("morning-after pill ")
The Assembly in the light of current events considered the moral theological aspects
of the administration of the so-called "morning after" pill for women, who have fallen victim to rape.

Cardinal Karl Lehmann (Mainz) as chairman of the Doctrinal Commission of the German Bishops' Conference described the moral theological evaluation of the use of a so-called "morning after" pill on the basis of scientific knowledge about the availability of new medications with altered the mode of action.

Cardinal Joachim Meisner (Cologne) explained the background to his declaration of 31 January 2013, following the actual case of the turning away of a rape victim by two hospitals run by religious orders in Cologne, which he issued, in consultation with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Pontifical Academy for Life.

The Assembly reaffirms that women in Catholic hospitals, who are the victims of rape should, of course, receive human, medical, psychological and pastoral assistance.

This may include the administration of a "morning-after pill" insofar as it has a contraceptive and not an abortifacient effect.

Medical and pharmaceutical methods that cause the death of an embryo may not in the future be applied. The German bishops have confidence that in Catholic operated facilities the practical; treatment decision will be based on these moral theological requirements. In any case, the decision is to respect the woman concerned.

The Assembly recognizes the need, besides first comments on the "morning after pill" to examine in greater depth the wider context of the question - in contact with the person responsible in Rome - to discover and make the necessary distinctions. The bishops are in appropriate discussions with the leaders of the Catholic hospitals, with Catholic gynecologists and physicians, as well as with consultants.

Text in German See Foul Play by German Bishops