Thursday, April 11, 2013

Vatican denies reports that Pope Benedict is seriously ill

Benedict XVI. reportedly seriously ill. Serious concern about the former Pope in the Vatican: His health said to have deteriorated. He is reported to be seriously ill, and withdraw completely from the public: In the Vatican rumors circulate according to which the health of the retired Pope Benedict XVI has detiorated. A report by the Spanish newspaper El Mundo caused a stir on Wednesday, according to which the state of health of Benedict had deteriorated sharply over the past two weeks.

The newspaper referred to the Spanish-Vatican expect Paloma Gómez Borerro, who had been presenting in Madrid her book about the former Pope. Gómez Borrero believes that the Pope will not reside for much longer in the Mater Ecclesiae convent in the Vatican, which is currently undergoing restoration work. This should be completed in May. According to the journalist, Benedict due to his impaired health will no longer be seen often in public. Reduced health Vatican insiders denied that Benedict's condition had deteriorated dramatically in the past 14 days. However, it is undeniable that he has reduced health. Benedict XVI resigned voluntarily on 28 February. He had made it clear after his tenure that he only wanted to serve the church with his prayers. He gave guarantees of his total devotion and obedience to the new Pope before the election by the Conclave.


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