Saturday, April 06, 2013

Pope receives Curial Cardinals responsible for Bishops and Liturgy

Pope Francis received in private audience on Saturday the Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, Cardinal Marc Ouellet (68). Ouellet is like a head of human resources for the bishops in a large part of the world church. His department prepares the nominations. Ouellet's role is considered one of the most influential in the Vatican. The head of the Congregation for Bishops, was up to now, next to the prefect of the CDF, the only one of the Vatican's ministers who had regular access to the Pope, without an appointment being required. The Franco-Canadian Ouellet has led the Congregation for Bishops since 2010.

Also received by the Pope was the prefect of the Congregation for Worship, Cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera (67). The former archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain since December 2008, is the person responsible at the top of the Curia for the liturgy, above all the sacraments. Cardinal Canizares has in the past gone out several times to meet the followers of the "Old Mass" (extraordinary form of the Roman Rite) . So in November last year, he was the first top Curial representative to celebrate the pre-Conciliar liturgy for an international group of pilgrims on the Cathedra Altar at St Peter's Basilica. The pilgrims belonged to movements from several countries who had come together under the title "Coetus internationalis Summorum Pontificum".


Cathcon- expect announcements soon in both departments. The big fear is that Ecclesia Dei will be abolished in the name of administrative simplicity.  Cardinal Llovera was known as "Little Ratzinger"- so if he is replaced, it will be a clear sign of the changing times.

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