Saturday, April 06, 2013

Father Bergoglio ostracised by the Jesuits

Marginalized by his own Jesuit brothers, forced for six years to be a confessor in a church in Cordoba, more than 700 km from Buenos Aires, and even forbidden from visiting other Jesuit communities. The story of the relationship between Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the Society founded by Saint Ignatius of Loyola is very painful. There is even a letter of the Superior General of the Society, Dutchman Peter Hans Kolvenbach, that establishes an express prohibition to other houses and communities to receive Bergoglio, at any moment he might have wished to leave the church assigned to him in Cordoba. A true a proper ostracism, that takes place within the most difficult and troubles years of the Society, guided first by Spanish Father Pedro Arrupe, then intervened by John Paul II through Father Paolo Dezza, then returned to the hands of Father Kolvenbach.

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Notar Alex said...

The Jesuits are a CATHOLIC organization and are smart enought to separate their politics from their Catholicism. It is difficult to believe that they ill treated then Cardinal Bergoglio now Pope Francis I because of his Catholicsm which is in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ.