Thursday, March 28, 2013

"With John Paul II, we had a pope who became a saint with Francis, we have a saint who was elected Pope."

Francis Mania!

It is signed Antonio Gaspari, editorial coordinator of the agency Zenit. Note that the most important thing is not that it is boldly advanced, but what is carefully implied: there was a pope between John Paul II and Francis.

Belgicatho's orientation is that of a more traditional blog. So it is with surprise (and certain Belgian activists had to choke- including also CathCon - lived in Belgium for 10 years) that they were seen to be reproducing and boasting about an "excellent" interview with Cardinal Danneels, gravedigger of the Belgian Church, the carrier of the flame of the progressive Cardinal Martini. Belgicatho noticed that after the election of Francis: "Unquestionably, Cardinal Danneels is much happier in the aftermath of the election of Benedict XVI."

In his first Angelus, Francis mentioned the name of Cardinal Kasper, for no other reason than to show his proximity to the straying ecumenical theologian. Cardinal Kasper voted for him and openly violated his oath of confidentiality, "Cardinal Bergoglio was my early candidate and from the beginning of the conclave I voted for him. He represents a new beginning for the Church, a Church that is humble and fraternal, there for people and which returns to its source: the Gospel. "

I also cite the classic, which I have not yet mentioned: Francis is "the best choice" for the worst theologian possible: Hans Küng.


Cathcon- after the Council, never were the Popes so holy and the Churches so empty.  It is the first time in history that a Pope has been canonised before election.....

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Faby said...

No olvidéis que Francisco fue a vistitar a Benedicto, quien le habrá hecho acordar de que la belleza hay que buscarla en la Iglesia (homilia de hoy) "de la belleza de lo litúrgico, que no es puro adorno y gusto por las vestimentas, sino presencia de la gloria de nuestro Dios resplandeciente en su pueblo vivo" Benedicto sigue siendo el prefecto... y metiendo algún bocadillo...