Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sparks fly between two Cardinals over the Vatican Bank

What happened in the meeting room then? Bertone criticised Braz de Aviz for having expressed last Saturday his dissent on the management of the IOR and more generally of the Roman Curia, and for the fact that the dissent had been made public. He suspects him of having leaked the content of his speech to the Italian press. Braz de Aviz did not let the words of the former Secretary of State fall on deaf ears. He asked to speak again and curtly denied having leaked something to the outside. The Brazilian cardinal suspects, rather, that the information may have been filtered by the "organisation". Several cardinals, at this point, applauded.

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How Cardinal Braz de Aviz celebrates Mass

More examples of liturgical decadence from contemporary Cardinals- but also some with liturgical sense, like Cardinal Burke.

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