Monday, March 11, 2013

Serious liturgical abuse- leading Papabile shows no reverence for Our Lord


On Sunday, the Papal electors celebrated the Mass in their titular churches in Rome and the surroundings. Each cardinal receives at his elevation to the Cardinalate an assigned Church in Rome, in which he is the official priest. Each cardinal has thus to share in the pastoral care of the diocese of Rome, which expresses at the same time his close bond with the Pope.

Among the celebrants were two cardinals who enter as candidates in the conclave: Cardinal Angelo Scola of Milan in his 6th Century titular church of Santi XII Apostoli in Rione Trevi and Cardinal Odilo Scherer of Sao Paulo in his titular church planned by Bernini in 1678 of Sant'Andrea al Quirinale, which served from 1870-1946 as the Court Chapel of the Italian Royal Family. Thus, a situation could be recalled just as at the two conclaves of 1978 , in which Cardinals Benelli (Florence) and Siri (Genoa) faced eachother and represented opposing models for the Church. The contrast in 2013 between the two camps is not as accentuated as it was , yet there are significant differences.

Cardinal Scherer's "Eucharistic understanding"
Messa in Latino published some comments on the liturgies of the two. Cardinal Scherer  is the "candidate of the progressive camp and the smooth operator in the Roman Curia." One could describe Scherer's "modus celebrandi only as careless and at the canonical limit of abuse." "For example, without the Communion paten, although this would also be prescribed in the rubrics of the Novus Ordo. There is no reason to give it up, at least when a Prince of the church is celebrating, because there is a lack of acolytes. "

Failure to follow the Church's rules "has consequences: a consecrated host slipped from the Cardinal's hand and fell on the floor for lack of the paten". The fall could happen to any priest. The consequences were  the negligent implementation of the liturgical rules, were however serious.  Our Lord falls into the dust and lies on the ground.  How the celebrant reacts to this situation is, in turn revealing regarding of his Eucharistic understanding. "Cardinal Scherer lifted the consecrated Host back and finished. He did this, despite in such cases the normal practice is to pick up particles of the Host and the floor should be cleaned in a special manner in the case the particles of the Body of Our Lord which inevitably lie on the floor should be allowed to be walked on which should be simply stepped over.

Cardinal Scola: Next Pope should follow the last 150 (not 50) years of great Popes
The celebration of Cardinal Scola was, however, "always  for the Novus Ordo, very solemn and dignified." Only, "the celebrant only was negligent in one pardonable matter: Is it possible that in a church in Rome a pink chasuble could not be found,  even though it was Laetare Sunday?  "   Movingly  "perfect", however, was the celebration of the "extremely sympathetic" American Cardinal Dolan.

Cardinal Scola "persuaded" especially through his preaching. In it he said: "Let us pray that the Holy Spirit gives His Church the man who leads them in the ways shown by the great Popes of the past 150 years."
"150 years and not 50 years, which is remarkable," said Messa in Latino. The Cardinal gave thus a wide contexy, in which the post-conciliar period accounts for only one-third and also the papacy of Pius IX is included. "A cautiously formulated, but solid commitment to the hermeneutic of continuity, which Pope Benedict XVI taught as the way to church renewal ".


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