Friday, March 22, 2013

Roman exorcist tells Pope to beware a quick death and the Freemasons.

The Roman exorcist Gabriele Amorth said that Pope Francis wanted a "poor church of the poor" like John Paul I. "I would not wish that he ends like Luciani". John Paul I died after only 33 days in the papacy

Father Gabriele Amorth, chief exorcist of the Diocese of Rome has warned the new Pope Francis about a quick death following the fate of Pope John Paul I. "The Masons have their branches everywhere, even in the Vatican, unfortunately," Amorth said in an interview with the Italian newspaper "Il Giornale", which the newspaper "Österreich" online reported.

Amorth said that the new Pope Francis wanted a "poor church of the poor" like John Paul I "I would not wish that he ends like Luciani," commented the chief exorcist, but the Freemasons aspire only after money and career, "they help each other," reported, "Österreich“" online. Father Gabriele maintains that they include the present Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, a Freemason, as well as President Giorgio Napolitano. In principle, all politicians in power are subordinate to the Freemasons and the world was dominated by seven or eight people who kept all the money in their hands, said the 88-year-old monk, who is believed to have carried out 70,000 successful exorcisms. Amorth alluded to Albino Luciani / Pope John Paul I, who died in 1978 just 33 days after his election as pope. An autopsy of his body was denied by the Vatican, which gave rise to numerous conspiracy theories. For example, the assessment was circulated that the Pope had been poisoned, because he wanted to expose corrupt transactions in the Vatican Bank.

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