Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Raids against extremist Muslims across Germany

The security services have launched raids in several states against radical Islamic Salafists. Since the early morning, officers in Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia have been deployed to carry out searches at twenty suspect locations, said the Interior Ministry in Berlin. The goal was the seizure of the assets of two banned associations, the Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich (CSU) stated this morning morning. The deployment of the officers is also intended to take down the association structures.

The association prohibition applies according to the Ministry of Information to the Salafist groups "DawaFFM" and "Islamic Audios". In addition, the group "An-Nussrah" was banned as part of the organization "Millatu Ibrahim" dissolved in June 2012 .

"Salafism, as it is represented by the now banned associations is incompatible with our liberal democratic order," said Friedrich. The banned groups sought "in aggressive-combative way to change in our society in which democracy will be replaced by a salafist system and the rule of law by the Sharia".

Already in the summer of 2012, Frederick had forbidden the Salafist group "Millatu Ibrahim" and initiated an investigation into "DawaFFM" . According to the Information Ministry, ample evidence has been gathered. In the investigation, "important insights were obtained into the anti-constitutional activities and well-planned approach of Salafist organizations in Germany", the ministry said.


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