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Priest banned from preaching this Easter for views on homosexuality and Islam

Controversial parish: Easter preaching ban

Karl Tropper, pastor of St. Veit / Vogau has reiterated his controversial statements about homosexuality and Islam. The pastor is banned from preaching at Easter on 31st and must retire permanently in August.

The Diocese Graz-Seckau now takes stronger measures after numerous - fruitless - warnings to the parish priest of St. Veit am Vogau, Karl Tropper, because of his"pronouncements" against homosexuals. These have been repeated "particularly on certain important issues such as 'homosexuality' and 'Islam' in an unreasonably simplistic and hate-filled manner, such as in a conversation with the Kleine Zeitung. The Diocese has announced these measures in a press release. Therefore during Easter not Tropper, but Vicar General Henry Schnuderl will be holding services from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday in the Church of St. Veit am Vogau (Leibnitz district).

"Stubbornness that comes with age" The unusually sharp measure was justified: "Such statements prevent a necessarily differentiated discussion on these complex issues.” The diagnosis of stubbornness which comes with age, which excuses the parish priest, is no longer sufficient. It was planned anyway that Tropper (75) at the end of August would retire as parish priest of St. Veit am Vogau", said spokesman Georg Planck. Now there is a ban from preaching the same at Easter: "In order for the coming Holy Week, not to darken the central message of the Passion, death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ with conflicts, Vicar General Henry Schnuderl will conduct the liturgical celebrations from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday in the parish of St Veit am Vogau, "said Planck. What happens further remains to be seen.

Tropper had in an interview with the "Kleine Zeitung" on Friday again described homosexuals as "perverts": "If you can no longer say this, you have to go as a parish priest into retirement." The diocese had last Thursday and once again warned the South Styrian priest because he had railed against homosexuals - this time, according to media reports in the journal of his parish church. He talked of others as "homo-deranged".The man of God had often declared his opinion bluntly and was admonished for it.

The Anti-Discrimination Unit of Styria said that "apart from the improper language use of the term 'homos' on the part of the parish priest, statements using irrelevant arguments, discriminatory attitudes and incorrect information" would attract attention according to manager Daniela Grabovac. Legal action was being considered. Regional Integration Minister Bettina Vollath (S) welcomed the "clear message" of the Diocese of Graz-Seckau: "Many Styrian parishes set great merits on peaceful coexistence in our country. I am glad that Bishop Egon Kapellari as assured me yesterday in a personal discussion, taken a stand against incitement and exclusion occusing in our country. "

Previously there had been two complaints against Tropper on suspicion of incitement to the public prosecutor in Graz - one dated April 2012 from the Graz initiative "Pink Purple Panther Women" and in February 2013 from the activist Kurt Zernig. The investigations were not continued because Tropper had not said anything about violence, it is said.

And in another interview
Is it the right way, even in the Churchto proclaim such weird opinions about homosexuality and Islam? KARL TROPPER: Whoever would say otherwise, if I do not? The priest should do all he can. The bishops in Austria and Germany are failures, not to discover what is brewing. In 50 years, Vienna is a Muslim city, the Votivkirche, a large mosque.
Cathcon- the occupation of the Votive Church by asylum seekers from the Middle East has just ended.
The late Cardinal Joos expressed similar views.

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