Monday, March 04, 2013

Priest angry with Pope burns his photo during Mass


The vicar of the parish church in Castel Vittorio in Italy is outraged by the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. In protest, he therefore burned a photo of the Pope on sunday during the Mass, . "This is the Pope? No, that is not the Pope, because he has left his flock in the lurch," said the cleric during the sermon. Priest Don Andrea Maggi held up the picture of the Pope and then lit it with a candle. The mayor and other churchgoers present were shocked and left the church. The mayor has filed before a formal complaint with the Curia of the Diocese of Ventimiglia-Sanremo. The parish priest has been noticed as repeatedly negative in the past, it states.


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bert bor said...

The resignation of Pope Benedict as foretold by the visionary Maria Divine Mercy in her website (which can be googled) is among the notable short termprophecies such as of Arab Spring/conflict, earthquake in Spain, death of Gaddaffi etc which have unfolded in time and space as personally monitored by me (since I'm from Geo-Sc background). The next prophecy is about the false prophet taking over control of the seat who will do away with the sacraments? and if that really be true then those Litany and Crusade prayers (over 100 Nos till date) should not be taken lightly by the clergy especially