Monday, March 11, 2013

Pope is not elected to be the Vatican Bank manager

The new pope, according to Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, should especially, religious qualities, administrative talent is less important. "We choose the leader of a religious community and not the board of a bank."

The new head of the church would have accept "almost inhuman burdens," he must not "take to himself the whole burden of the Church alone". "The challenges he has to face are enormous," says the Austrian Cardinal.

Never before have there been a time when Christians were persecuted so much as today. "Christians are the most persecuted community in the world," said the Archbishop. However, the new Pope  will "not alone bear the burden of the Church", as  God comes "before us with his assisting grace." Of course, you would have to examine how the future pope "has led a diocese, how he treats his employees," the Cardinal added to reporters in Rome.  (Cathcon- the Cardinal sacked his Vicar General with a note under the door)

"Man of the Gospel" is sought
"The more the necessary qualities he has, all the better. But everything means nothing if he is not a man of the Gospel, "Schönborn said describing the successor to Benedict XVI . This would be "seen through the Holy Spirit" by the Cardinals in the Sistine Chapel.

For the Sistine Chapel is not a courtroom, but a chapel, where prayers will take first place. We make the decision with the knowledge that we will make one of the most important decisions in general, "the Cardinal rejected notions of power struggles within the church.

The 67-year-old Schoenborn is on the most extensive lists to be the pope's successor.  Indirectly related to this speculation is the answer to the question whether he already had a return ticket from Rome to Vienna, "No, but I'll buy one as soon as the Conclave is over."

Schönborn currently sees great freedom
The decision of Benedict XVI to renounce the Holy See, Schönborn assessed as "extraordinary act of freedom." It was his decision that made it clear to the outside world that the Pope could live in freedom. The center of the universal Church has "probably never been as free as at present."  He had had no contact with Benedict during the General Congregations on Tuesday in preparation for the beginning of the conclave. "His spirit, however, was always present," said Schonborn.

Expected short conclave
The election of the new Pope starting tomorrow could soon produce a result. Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi told the ANSA news agency, the choice could be "quickly" made as a consensus would emerge after the first rounds of voting.


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