Monday, March 18, 2013

Pope- If you want to hear Mass in another language, then go to the Maronite Church

Translation of two comments to my story -Did Pope Francis deliberately try to sabotage the Latin Mass in his own Diocese?

Monsignor Musto, late and great friend of the neighborhood, was a companion in the seminary of Bergoglio. Once, walking and talking in the street, he told me that throughout his priestly career all his companions called him "The Apostate". Of this I bear witness in Faith. As you know, Apostate- even if it is told a joke-is not a good nickname for someone who will be a priest! Greetings

Once, at the exit of a re-opening of St. Michael the Archangel Church, Bergoglio was asked: "Father, why not give more Latin Masses in Buenos Aires"? He thought a moment and replied: "If you want to hear Mass in another language, then go to the Maronite church, where it is recited in Aramaic." Not bad, but it is evidence-apart from their lousy pronunciation of Latin, that the Jesuits want nothing to do with tradition. This is true.


Geremia said...

I thought Jesuits knew Trent by heart… ☺:

On not celebrating the Mass every where in the vulgar tongue; the mysteries of the Mass to be explained to the people.

Although the mass contains great instruction for the faithful people, nevertheless, it has not seemed expedient to the Fathers, that it should be every where celebrated in the vulgar tongue. Wherefore, the ancient usage of each church, and the rite approved of by the holy Roman Church, the mother and mistress of all churches, being in each place retained; [Page 158] and, that the sheep of Christ may not suffer hunger, nor the little ones ask for bread, and there be none to break it unto them, the holy Synod charges pastors, and all who have the cure of souls, that they frequently, during the celebration of mass, expound either by themselves, or others, some portion of those things which are read at mass, and that, amongst the rest, they explain some mystery of this most holy sacrifice, especially on the Lord's days and festivals.

allandan500 said...

Oh boy! This pope is a mess of half-baked ideas. There are so many small things that he does that bode disaster for the Church. He has captured the hearts of the mostly irreligious media by his bare-footed Tom Sayer act, but has done nothing to solidify the warring members in his own church. He has sent greeting of good will to Muslims, Jews, just about every ilk of Protestant, the Orthodox, and whoever else he could find, but has slighted those who desire the Latin Mass--a Mass used for hundreds of years before Vatican II. He has in a few days become a divisive pope.

He has refused to follow rubrics by not kneeling at the consecration, which suggests disdain for the liturgy as it now written, and for those who wrote it.

This pope appears to think that following St. Francis of Assisi consist of selling the papal silverware rather than a peaceful reunification of the Catholic Church.

We wait to see what he does, but so far there is more Barnum and Bailey than St. Francis in his actions.