Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Passionist seminarians dressed as nuns do dance


Just how much further can you get from the Rule of the Passionists, and the intentions of St Paul of the Cross, their founder.


MaryL said...

THAT is disgusting! The Church has been infiltrated by gays and perverts.

Anonymous said...


It's a room full of friends having a social night. Four guys decided to reenact a scene from sister act. There's nothing about this video that suggests "gays and perverts" had anything to do with it. It's a gag, a skit, inspired completely by a silly movie, and you blow it up into a statement about sexual perversion of a seminary.

By quick look around this blog and comments, it seems one could take the writer and posters as perverts since much of the focus is on the topic of sex.

dolorosa said...

I guess MS hasn't read the book, Goodbye Good Men, about the homosexual infiltration into seminaries, etc. Also do a search for the late Fr. John O'Connor who knew this topic well because he was attacked by them. Youtubes available.