Friday, March 22, 2013

Papal fight against blasphemous artist

León Ferrari, a blasphemous artist  according to Bergoglio

The new Pope had a strong confrontation in 2004 with the award-winning artist. It was about the retrospective exhibition,  "Hell and Idolatories". Ultra-Catholic militants were charged for incidents connected with the exhibition

León Ferrari's work is blasphemy for the new Pope Argentine Jorge Bergoglio. In 2004 Cardinal declared he was against a retrospective show of the award winning artist called "Hell and idolatries."

The exhibition generated such controversy that even an ultra-Catholic militant group was prosecuted for vandalizing and incidents within the context of the exhibition that took place at the Centro Cultural Recoleta. The local judge, Elena Liberatori, closed the exhibition down, but the Administrative and Tax Court overturned that decision and allowed continuation in early 2005. Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was a strong opponent of Ferrari for the exhibition in an unusual failure (really so anachronistic) which he wanted censored. Ultra-Catholics who considered it profane were demonstrated against the exhibition and were prosecuted for causing a disturbance. "Cardinal (Jorge) Bergoglio wrote a letter against the exhibition which was read in all churches saying it was blasphemous. Blasphemy in religion is paid for by death by stoning. processed So when the lads broke some of the pieces, I thought I should have sought the prpsecution of Cardinal Bergoglio because he had incited these people to vandalism. Luckily no-one broke my  head, "said Ferrari at the time.

"It's blasphemy that shames our city",  Bergoglio had said.  He also called "a day of fasting and prayer" so that "the Lord would forgive our sins and those of the city", in reference to the city government, which favored the controversial exhibition. "When I was getting the Golden Lion in Venice I thought of Cardinal Bergoglio a lot, because I thought it was part of his responsibility. rarely had so much publicity  been given to an artist ... and in all the churches, "Ferrari said at the time of a retrospective of his work at the Museum of Art Modern New York


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