Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Papal coat of arms corrected to remove Communistic and Freemasonic symbolism

The coat of arms of Pope Francis has been corrected. The controversial five-pointed star has been replaced by an eight-pointed star. The bishop and cardinal showed on a blue shield the seal of the Jesuit order and under it as silver nard blossom and a silver five-pointed star. The first version of the Papal coat of arms published by the Vatican showed beside the papal insignia initially just a correction: The nard blossom and star were not shown in silver, but in gold, probably in order to take account of a heraldic principle. The five-pointed star caused some discussion as well as irritation, as reported. (Cathcon- St. Joseph, the patron of the universal Church, in traditional Hispanic iconography is depicted holding a nard blossom).

The star on the coat of arms of the new Pope will represent Mary.  The Maria star is traditionally represented with eight points or rays. Over the past 250 years, the five-pointed star has been increasingly been taken over initially by Freemasons, then also as a symbol of communists and anarchists. The freemasonic and communistic five pointed star represents the self-sufficient man (legs, arms, head) who does not need a God.

A five-pointed star in a papal coat of arms gave rise in the Catholic Church, not least in the Vatican, to some irritation, over those who turn only a blind eye, who basically are indifferent to symbols or who have no opinion on their meaning. For the Catholic Church sysmbols are of the utmost importance. Finally, the Vatican saw the need to intervene to correct the coat of arms,  to dispel any doubts.

The Vatican published the meantime, a new corrected coat of arms of Pope Francis . A decision that could be made only with the approval of the new Pope. The papal coat of arms now has an eight-pointed star, and thus the classical shape of a star, which is symbolic of the Most Blessed and Most Pure Virgin Mary, Mother of God. In addition, the eight rays of the star represent the Beatitudes,  the Vatican announced. By correcting,  all speculations and interpretations about the Papal  coat of arms have been ended. Symbols have just a precise central essence and especially for the Catholic Church. The nard blossom, which  in the episcopal coat of arms  for European eyes looked more like a bunch of grapes, has now been clearly shown.

The coat of arms of Pope Francis has also for the first time  a heraldic motto, which  Jorge Mario Bergoglio has already used in his coats of arms, as Bishop and Cardinal.

Pope John Paul I, remains the exception among all popes. His coat of arms were changed multiple times.The episcopal crest showed three eight-pointed star, the crest as Patriarch and Cardinal showed three six-pointed stars but the Papal coat of arms had suddenly three five-pointed stars. How this change could happen to such an unusual symbolism is not entirely clear. Pope Luciani reigned only 33 days.


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Allan Wafkowski said...

Not wanting to appear like a conspiracy nut, but wasn't the coat of arms he used as bishop recycled for use as pope?