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Opponents of homosexual marriage, children among them, tear gassed by police in Paris


Des débordements en marge de la manifestation... by BFMTV
Homosexual marriage- Opponents of marriage for all experienced their first clashes with police on Sunday, March 24, at the Demonstration for All organized in Paris marching in theory from La Defense to the Arc de Triomphe.

At 16h between "100 and 200 people tried to force a barrier to the Champs-Elysées," said a spokesman for the police department to AFP. In response, the gendarmes were "forced to respond using gas sprays so that they can not access this perimeter prohibited to the organizers of the event", said the spokesman. No injuries which could be deplored, but a few arrests took place.

In the late afternoon, the police have again used tear gas to evacuate the last hundred protesters against gay marriage who had settled on the Champs-Elysées. So at the end of the event thousands of people invaded the Avenue and although forbidden the protesters were forbidden by the police prefecture, about 300 people remained on site around 20:30, "essentially GUD and the extreme right," said Minister of the Interior Manuel Valls.

The Interior Minister said that the organisers had "undoubtedly" lost control of the protest against gay marriage in Paris and pointed to "several handfuls of arrests." "Unquestionably, they lost control of the event sometimes= they were overwhelmed by extremist groups," he added.

Boutin, affected by the gas, demanded the resignation of Valls
Christine Boutin has apparently been hit by tear gas and fainted on the edge of the event, as evidenced by this photo:

Christine Boutin reacted on BFMTV to the excesses at the event. Affected by the tear gas, she confirmed that she fainted. "This is the first time it happens, I do not think I express a particular violence", she told the television channel before asking simply for the resignation of Manuel Valls. "Children have also had been on the receiving end of tear gas," she added, pointing out that even if the event had not the right to go to the Place de l'Etoile and the Champs-Elysées, this was not "a reason to direct teargas at me."

"What is more important is the way the police handled the demonstrators is unacceptable because they were calm people. The fact that they say there is 300,000 people, the fact the government discussed a 'handle' ....

Today, I say that the government has a responsibility for this, "she raged, before asking, for " those responsible for France " to ask for the resignation of the Prefect of Police and the Interior Minister, who had made irresponsible statements. "

The event was originally scheduled to proceed for nearly 5 km between Defence and the Arc de Triomphe, Place de l'Etoile.
"It is unacceptable to send gas against children," Cope demand "accounts"
Following the firing of tear gas, one did not have to wait for the reactions . The vice-president of the UMP Laurent Wauquiez, present in the procession, said on BFMTV that "the police department has done everything to try to put a spoke in the wheel" by prohibiting the event from going down the Champs -Elysée.

From March 14, the Prefecture put forward the possibility that public order might be disturbed at this place busy with traffic of the capital, near "sensitive sites" such as the Elysée, and particularly popular with tourists.

Laurent Wauquiez goes even further: "It is unacceptable to use tear gas against children. Did you have they were thugs, violent people?" he asked on camera. "This is a reflection of the violence with which the government has dealt with this movement, the police department must be punished," he claimed.

The president of the UMP Jean-Francois Cope, who attended the event, called "François Hollande to be held accoutable " after "having used force against" families who were victims of tear gas fired by police.

"I want to express my indignation on learning, it seems, that tear gas was directed against families who were present with their children and a number were gassed," he said to the AFP by telephone from the Place de l'Etoile.

"I've seen them. I passed them in the procession and ask François Hollande to be held accountable to the French for the actions that have occurred and led to the use of tear gas against families with children" he added. "I came to this event to be in the midst of the French and with them to oppose this law," he further said.

One response to "aggressive" protesters
Laurent Nunez, director of the office of the Prefect of Police of Paris, stated that this use of gas at points was necessary "given the aggressive behavior of some protesters."
Our special envoy Geoffrey Clavel was able to gather a testimony of the victims. There had been "a splash of tear gas," to push back a few people. The cloud could then have reached some children located not far from here. Some protesters said they only "shook the police barriers" , while other witnesses say they "tried using force."

A journalist of LCI confirmed after viewing the images, some protesters tried to force the actual barrier.


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