Thursday, March 07, 2013

No fewer than 1000 highly problematic bank accounts at the Vatican Bank

"Bild": anonymous evidence indicates that 1,000 of the 25,000 bank accounts are "highly problematic"

While in Rome, the cardinals have gathered to prepare for the election of a new pope, obviously the internal tensions at the Vatican bank IOR continue . The German Catholic news agency KNA reports, citing the newspaper "Bild", that the Vatican's Financial Supervisory Authority (AIF) presently are investigating six IOR accounts on suspicion of money laundering.

Citing unnamed "circles within the Vatican Secretariat of State," the paper writes, of the approximately 25,000 accounts of the Vatican Bank around a thousand have been assessed as "highly problematic." As to what what sort of problems, the report does not go into details.

The customers of the Vatican Bank are usually religious orders or other religious organizations, and Vatican employees. They use the Institute for among other things, to handle international money transfers free of charge and without state supervision of other countries.

Because of the lack of controls at that time succeeded in earlier decades, even businessmen to exploit the possibilities of religious stooges of the IOR. This led to repeated scandals. Benedict XVI introduced significantly stricter controls in the past year and put gave the Swiss money laundering expert René Brülhart the job of being the financial supervisor.

Two weeks before the resignation of the pope, the German Ernst von Freyberg was appointed the new head of the Bank, his deputy is the Brasilian of German extraction, Hermann Schmitz.


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