Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Pope approves of Medjugorje

As Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Pope Francis opened his diocese to Medjugorje priests, and asked Fr. Jozo Zovko to bless him. And shortly before he left for the papal conclave in Rome, he approved of visionary Ivan Dragicevic’s public apparition arrangements that drew 10,000 people.

Medjugorje is far from unknown to Pope Francis.
In the recent newsletter of the organization Children of Medjugorje, Sr. Emmanuel Maillard summarizes three occasions when the new Pope, as Archbishop of Buenos Aires, approved of public talks from prominent Medjugorje visitors in his diocese.

The most recent of these approvals was given just a few weeks ago:

Part of the audience present at visionary Ivan Dragicevic’s public apparition on March 6 at Luna Park, Buenos Aires, an arrangement approved of by then-Cardinal Bergoglio.

“He welcomed Fr. Jozo Zovko while on his mission in Argentina. He welcomed Fr. Danko last year, for his mission through Argentina. And Cardinal Bergoglio allowed (visionary) Ivan to spread his witness in Buenos Aires early this March. Only a few days before leaving for Rome to join the conclave, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio gave his approval for Ivan to receive the apparition at Luna Park” Sr. Emmanuel informs.

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Cathcon- given that we have a Marian Pope and that he is inclined towards the Franciscans,  who are the Order responsible for running the Shrine much to the discomfort of the local bishop, approval of the place is now inevitable- whatever the report commissioned by Pope Benedict says about the matter.

This bodes well for the ecclesiastical career of Cardinal Schönborn who has been a great supporter even visiting the Shrine

This would come as a shock to my friend, Michael Davies, the great traditionalist writer, now sadly no longer with us, who told me that when he was writing a book about Medjugorje, he received several telephone calls during a visit in which he was told if he ever came back he would be killed.


Alan Aversa said...

"Our Lady" of Medjugorje is a devil. She approves of religious indifferentism!

Read my translation of an excellent Fr. Luigi Villa article on Medjugorje.

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