Tuesday, March 05, 2013

More Cardinals demand more information about Vatileaks dossier

The "Vatileaks" affair should be one of the themes in the General Congregations prior to the conclave by the will of of several cardinals. "If we want to make a good decision, we certainly need to have more information about it" the South African Cardinal Wilfrid Napier was quoted in the media on Monday. His French colleague Philippe Barbarin said: "We want to know what has happened in the Vatican which has so shaken it in the last few years." Even U.S. cardinals urged more information on the affair last year of the stolen and published Vatican secret documents. The Archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal Francis Eugene George, made it clear at a press conference in Rome that they wanted to ask the "relevant cardinals" some questions on the subject. Washington Archbishop Donald William Wuerl also concurred on this. Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI ordered just before leaving office that a report on "Vatileaks", which the Cardinal's commision submitted after months of investigation, should remain under seal and shall be accessible only to his successor. About the content, there had been rumors in the Italian press that it discussed intrigue and cliques in the Curia.

Source Brasilian Cardinals demand access to Vatileaks dossier

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