Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Leading Cardinal warns against Church becoming more progressive

Swiss Cardinal Georges Cottier (93) refuses to open up the Church, leading to the adaptation to the modern world. In an interview with the Ticino newspaper "Corriere del Ticino" on Tuesday the former theologian of the Papal Household warned of a more "open" Church, if this means that the Church bows to the "will of the world".

Then the church stands before the decision between "compromise" and "mediocrity". An "openess" could include many requests and concepts that are not all compatible. Theologically, the Church has been "open" on the basis of Her vocation. And this is to the message of Jesus, says the Dominican native of Geneva.

The church is also "Catholic" by was open to all the world. For living in the Vatican cardinal, the church must "missionary" and his stay. Cardinal Cottier, due to the age limit does not participate in the election of the new Pope.


Cathcon- this is not very Vatican II. Cardinal Cottier is a Thomist, but not of the strict observance.

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