Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Harlem Shake in Church has been canceled- for now


Father Michael Hirmer has cancelled the "Harlem Shake" planned for Friday (16.3.) in the Parish Church of Teublitz (Landkreis Schwandorf) canceled. There had been criticism that the church is not the best place for it.

The local priest had invited people via the internet platform Facebook to dance the Harlem Shake in the church and this gave rise to a discussion. The Diocese was also alerted. There had not been a ban said Jakob Schötz, spokesman for the diocese of Regensburg, the Bavarian Radio.

The Harlem Shake is a wild, apparently absurd dance with electronic music, which is currently being staged at various places by people around the world and is seen later on the Internet. The joke of the matter is the video editing: At the beginning of Harlem Shakes often only a single person is to be seen dancing around in the area. Then there is a cut - and suddenly the whole place, the locker room or the editorial room is full of people dancing.

The Teublitz Harlem Shake is not completely cancelled as the parish priest wants to consult with young people and the parish . Following a strong debate on the internet, he will listen to all of the arguments and expressed concerns. For example, whether the original song played to accompany the Harlem Shake is used is open to discussion . He also seeks to determine what actions are offensive and should therefore not be performed in a Church.

The Harlem Shake and the church are not mutually exclusive in principle, the idea behind the action: The dance offers a break from the daily routine, like the Church.


The Protestants of Germany set the trend....

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