Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hans Küng knows better than the Cardinals who should be Pope

Speaking to Cadena SER, Hans Küng on the moment that the Catholic Church is living in these days. The influential Swiss thinker expresses his opinion about what sort of Pope the Church needs in the twenty-first century: open to reforms, modern defender of freedom. If tradition prevails and ossification sets in "the Church runs the risk of becoming an increasingly irrelevant cult" the dissident theologian added, prosecuted and punished by the Vatican and Ratzinger because of his critical and progressive stance.

This is a reflection on the Pope that the Church needs, a summary of a recent article in El Pais, by the rebellious and controversial Swiss priest. Hans Küng was a young colleague and fellow of Ratzinger. They were great friends and great enemies after. Benedict XVI took away the Chair from which he taught theology.

"In this tragic situation the Church needs a pope who does not live , from the intellectual point of view, in the Middle Ages , which does not defend any theology, liturgy and ecclesiastical constitution characteristic of the medieval period.

A pope open to the concerns of the reform towards modernity is needed. A Pope to defend freedom of the Church in the world, not only through sermons, but struggling with facts and words for freedom and human rights within the Church. Inside the church, by theologians, by women, by all Catholics who wish to speak the truth openly.

A Pope who will not force bishops to obey a reactionary official line , which implement a proper democracy within the Church built on the model of early Christianity. A Pope who is not swayed by any other Pope, living in the shadow of the Vatican, as Pope Benedict XVI and his loyal followers will.

If the Conclave elects a Pope for return to 'business as usual' the Church will never experience a new spring, but fall into an ice age and is in danger of shrinking to become an increasingly irrelevant cult . "


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Sixupman said...

Fr. Kung "the pope of Tubingen" so stated Msgr. Lefebvre! Most apt.