Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Conclave- five of our cardinals are missing.

The Holy See Press Office confirmed today that, of the 115 Cardinal-Electors who will come to the Conclave, 5 have still not arrived to take part at the General Congregations: Cardinal Lehmann (Mainz), Cardinal Naguib (Alexandria Patriarch Emeritus), Cardinal Nycz (Warsaw), Cardinal Pham Minh Mân (Vietnam), Cardinal Tong Hon (Hong Kong).

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Someone should tell Cardinal Lehmann it is Lent- no more carnival. He was never late for carnival. Just as long his fellow actor, the Devil, stays away.

Cardinal Naguib is not well and is making heroic efforts to attend.

Cardinal Nycz wanted to be present at Mass of thanksgiving of the Polish Episcopate for the pontificate of Benedict XVI and the intentions of the new Pope, which will be on Tuesday night be celebrated in the Cathedral of Warsaw. After the Eucharist, Cardinal Nycz will go in the evening to Rome. Source

Cardinal Tong Hon is a busy man by all accounts, which was the reason he did not say goodbye to Pope Benedict. Hope he has booked his tickets by now.

 Cathcon is busy tracking down the fifth Cardinal.....

 See Vatican insists all Cardinals must attend.

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