Saturday, March 23, 2013

Extraordinary business of Cardinal Bertone

An aura of mystery surrounds the controversial figure of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, the centre of a little-known story.

Some twenty years ago the Salesian order received a large inheritance which produced a legal dispute, resolved through the mediation of some lawyers and experts. Except that, after the event these mediators presented invoices for more even than the total inheritance, producing in evidence a signed contract.

In effect the judicial authorities put the Salesians in the wrong with the consequent real risk of seizure of all their goods and outright closure (Cathcon- presumably just in Italy). But how did the Salesians get into a mess like this?

Here would be the hand of Tarcisio Bertone, SDB happened at the time to be Archbishop of Genoa, as he was the one who signed the suicidal agreement.

Bertone was forced to write a very embarrassed letter to the magistrate , claiming they have been duped by people who had abused his naivety.

A Salesian naive? But the business sense of the Salesians is proverbial and it is difficult to imagine the Vatican Secretary of State as poor and cowardly.

What is most disturbing is the coincidence in time between the '"agreement" that would lead to the seizing of the Salesian assets and the approaching end of the pontificate of John Paul II and the entry of Bertone into the circles that matter.

Cathcon- more to be expected on the business dealings of Cardinal Bertone

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