Saturday, March 16, 2013

Direct criticism of Pope Benedict from Cardinal

Cardinal Karl Lehmann of Mainz has expressed in an interview with FOCUS criticism of the resigned Pope Benedict XVI. It displeases him that Benedict himself at the request of the Cardinals did not say everything that he knows about the affair Vatileaks.

Cardinal Karl Lehmann of Mainz expects the new Pope Francis that he will take up with Catholics who in the past years "may have been disappointed" and who have to be won back. In an interview with FOCUS, Lehmann clearly distanced itself from the retired Pope Benedict XVI. An explanation of the Vatileaks affair had only been "partially" given to the Cardinals in the Conclave. The secret dossier on this affair, Benedict had finally reserved for his successor to read. In the Conclave, one the cardinals who had compiled the dossier, read out "quasi the communique of December, which everyone knew."

"Nobody answered our questions"
Lehmann told FOCUS:. "Thus, one had the impression that we ask questions, but no one answered them." On the question of whether the confidential report should be made ​​public, the Cardinal said , "It must be worked through." Francis should think about whether he wanted to change the approach of his predecessor, because it "could be misinterpreted." In the Vatileaks affairc confidential documents stolen from the desk of the pope were leaked to a journalist. Among others his valet, Paolo Gabriele, was found to be responsible.


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