Sunday, March 03, 2013

Dark horse candidate for Papacy

Knowing what is at stake, will the Cardinals play it safe or make a bold change? I predict the latter, and have a premonition Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi will be the next pope.

Tettamanzi is a 71-year-old Cardinal with ties to Opus Dei, a controversial Catholic group. He is viewed as socially liberal with strong political views, such as anti-globalization.

Could a "dark horse" win? It's more possible now than in recent years because the Cardinals realize a major change is needed, and a strong leader. Tettamanzi would be both. He could pull the church back from the brink, and more. If elected, he could even begin to restore power and prestige to the Vatican.

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Desiderius said...

But hey, Cathcon, the "article" you quote is very ill-informed, overtly ingenuous, and quite inaccurate in many parts.

Besides, Tettamanzi is now 79, so he would be a perfect ..."transition dark horse" !

The Hymn Selector said...

He's a liberal. Forget it.