Friday, March 15, 2013

Communists desecrate Cathedral in Buenos Aires

A few hours before the election of a new Pope, revolutionary activists broke into the Cathedral of Buenos Aires, thus preventing the celebration of the Mass.

About 200 ultra-leftist demonstrators with red flags, entered the Cathedral in Buenos Aires. It was not yet known that the Cardinal Bergoglio was to be elected Pope.

The occupation of the Church began in the morning and lasted for five hours. It was impossible to celebrate Mass for the intention of the conclave, which six Argentine bishops concelebrated. Leftists of the "People's Movement for Dignity" came with drums and food, demanding that all government subsidies should flow only to secular state schools, not to the Catholic institutions that receive half of them.

Demonstrators hung a banner at the entrance to the temple. One of leftists gathered reporters together abd explained that it was decided to stop the Mass "because the door was open, so we walked in, because this is an open public space, and hung posters inside and outside the church."


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