Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Catastrophic emptying of seminaries

Number of seminarians in training (USA) - these figures are an example for Europe
Jesuit3559(1965)389(2000)= Decrease89.1%
Franciscan2251(1965)60(2000)= Decrease97.3%
Benedictine1541(1965)109(2000)= Decrease92.9%
Redemptorist1128(1965)24(2000)= Decrease97.9%
Dominican343(1965)38(2000)= Decrease88.9%
Passionists574(1965)5(2000)= Decrease99.1%
Augustinian483(1965)14(2000)= Decrease97.1%
Capuchin440(1965)39(2000)= Decrease91.1%
Source: Index of Leading Catholic Indicators, The Church Since Vatican II,
Kenneth C. Jones, 2003

Cathcon-  if the new Papacy means fresh denial of the catastrophe after the Council, no progress will be made and we will all be left watching and praying.

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