Monday, March 11, 2013

Cardinal- Vatican needs a clear chain of command

Archbishop of Washington: "The conclave will not be short."  There is not yet a  clear candidate list.

The Roman Curia has in the view of the U.S. Cardinal Donald Wuerl (72) to improve internal coordination of its agencies. A "clear chain of command," was needed said the Archbishop of Washington to the Italian newspaper "La Stampa" (Friday).

"It is very important that all Vatican authorities have a shared vision." Wuerl does not anticipate that the Cardinals gathered in the Vatican will quickly agree on a new Pope. "The conclave will not be short," he said. There is not yet a clear candidate list. Much would depend on the first few days of the election meeting, for as yet there is not a start date (Cathcon- date was announced a few hours later) Strengthening collegiality between the Vatican and the local church is one of the most important tasks in Wuerls vision of the future Pope. Connecting the world's Catholics needed should be done not only by the Papal letter, but also by the support of all the bishops in each country. He hoped for a Pope with a "spiritual and modern vision to lead the Church into the future", stressed the American. It'll also be important to use the new media and communications for the Propagation of the Faith. 

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Alison said...

A moDer vision smacks too much of current trend....since when has religion had to keep in line with Fads of any era...Christ is for all time..this mode of discourse of which i hint at here has an edge of desperation