Monday, March 18, 2013

Cardinal Napier apologizes for his comments on sexual abuse


  1. I apologise to Victims of Child Abuse offended by misstatement of what was & still is my concern about all abused including abused abuser.
  2. Therefore Paedophilia must be treated. What must be punished is the Crime of Sexual Abuse of Children.
  3. I believe as every dictionary consulted confirms Paedophilia is a medical condition. What is a crime is the sexual abuse of children.
  4. My response: Such abuser should receive treatment to make good the damage done to him? In prison or out of it, that's for experts to decide.
  5. Do the Church & society not have to consider the damage he suffered when deciding what to do? Or does the abused abuser lose all his rights?
  6. My concern: How can society deal justly, fairly & equitably with the abused, who has suffered incalculable damage, then goes on to abuse?
  7. It's the supreme irony. Because I raised the issue of the abused abuser, I stand accused of insensitivity to the sufferings of the abused.
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Vox Cantoris said...

O LORD help us!

Sixupman said...

Stephen Nolan, [BBC Radio 5] the original interviewer of +++Napier, was neurotically ecstatic the following evening following the Cardinal's statement. A nasty business and demonstrating the worst traits of journalism.