Thursday, March 07, 2013

Cardinal- lapsation is the main problem, not Vatileaks

Czech Cardinal Dominik Duka: The enormous, the central problem of the Catholic Church "is the people who lapse from the Faith"

On the priority list of the cardinals who gather currently in the Vatican, Vatileaks will not occupy the top position. This is because the enormous, the central problem of the Catholic Church "is the people who lapse from the Faith." the Cardinal Archbishop of Prague Dominik Duka told the Italian newspaper "Il Messaggero". The Czech cardinal also expressed the suspicion that the General Congregation of the Cardinals will get some information about the investigation to Vatileaks. Pope Benedict XVI in the last days of his pontificate instructed that that the investigation report on the Vatileaks affair by three cardinals should not be presented to the Cardinals, but to the next Pope.


Some excellent background on the Archbishop. One wonders how much he owes his position to fellow Dominican Cardinal Schönborn, who has for many years developed contacts with the Church in Central Europe. He will be a Thomist but maybe in the mold of the less than strict observance of the Cardinal in Vienna, who once was even heard to equate St Thomas Aquinas and the radical theologian, Father Edward Schillebeeckx OP; "they are both good".

The Dominicans are not the order they were- St Thomas Aquinas, whose Feastday falls today is turning in his grave at the idea from their Dutch Province that the laity should celebrate the Mass.

How Cardinal Duka celebrates Mass
- a Mass on the Feast of St Hubert, Patron of Hunters.

And in front of a icon of Our Lady, Salus Populi Romani-Protectress of the Roman People

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