Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Liturgical decadence of many of the Cardinal Electors


Will have all of them on the playlist by the end of today.  For quite a few earlier examples, click on the label below.  Some of the celebrations only underline the liturgical decadence of the modern Church.  An absolute priority for the new Pope to sort out.   So many liturgical experts, so little fine liturgy.

Cathcon- now half-completed, rest later on today.


Faby said...

Hi! It's so easy to understand the variations of the Mass!
There is a Mass por the poor, and another for the rich people. North (reformed-calvinist way of thinking) and the South (jesuit missions style), both church clergy dependent.
They should not celebrate and offer the Bread with such pomp to the people who have to eat a bit more that low-quality flour. Learn from the annihilation of Jesus and do the rite as short and simple. Put in the place of Jesus Christ, who celebrated in a borrowed house.

t said...


The mass is not about people - poor or rich - it is about God. The "pomp" at the mass is an expression of our attitude toward God. Do we care about Him, do we adore Him and treat Him as God - or do we not?

When a women poured a precious ointment over Jesus's head, he didn't refuse it; on the contrary, he praised the woman (Matthew 26:6). It was Judas Iscariot who complained at that occasion (John 12:4-5). Neither did Jesus (or his parents) refuse precious gifts brought to him by wise men from the east.

So, certain pomp, grandeur and luxury are, in my opinion, certainly appropriate in the liturgy if we really believe in the presence of God therein.

It is also educational to all those present; it tells them in a non-verbal way: there is something special going on. Too simple and barren modern rites suggest to those people, be they poor or rich, "there is nothing important going on or nothing special present here". So the faith in in the real presence and in divine importance of the rites is gradually lost.