Monday, March 04, 2013

Cardinal- Conclave is not a Presidential election

The upcoming conclave is the view of the Portuguese Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins (photo) is neither a kind presidential election nor does it resemble a mysterious ritual of a Dan Brown novel. It is impossible to predict a candidate, said Martins to the Roman newspaper "Il Messaggero" (Sunday). The conclave was developing its own dynamics under the leadership of the Holy Spirit .

Though most of the cardinals entered the general congregations, with their own ideas and perhaps even a specific name, the cardinal said. During the debate, at which anyone can speak and any topic discussed gradually a picture of the candidate the church actually needs is given. Any cardinal could be elected pope, in principle, stressed Martins, who had led for a long time prior to his retirement the Vatican Congregation for Saints. "The Church knows no color here, not white, yellow or black. Each cardinal has the same possibility of being chosen Pope.


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