Thursday, March 07, 2013

Cardinal celebrates Solemn Requiem Mass for Hugo Chavez in Rome

Cardinal Jorge Ursoa Savino, Archbishop of Caracas, will celebrate a Solemn Mass in Rome in honor of President Hugo Chavez, who died yesterday at age 58.

The cardinal is in Rome to attend the conclave that will elect the successor of Pope Benedict XVI emeritus.

Savino invited Venezuelans present in the Italian capital to attend the celebration.

The priest expressed "condolences" to the family of Chávez and asked the authorities to "implement the mechanisms provided for in the Constitution."

The Cardinal also appealed to all sectors of society to promote calm and harmony of the people. "In particular it is necessary to exclude any kind of violence," he said.


Chavez insults the Cardinal

Chavez insults the Pope. He will have tried by now to get past the First Pope, St Peter at the Gates of Heaven. He will not have tried this approach.

How Cardinal Savino celebrates Mass

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