Monday, March 11, 2013

Cardinal Bertone is power crazy says Vatileaks journalist

Among the cardinals gathered in Rome for the conclave, according to the Italian investigative journalist Gianluigi Nuzzi, there is a high demand for information "Vatileaks" scandal. "The need for clarification is enormous," Nuzzi said in an interview to the Bonn based "General-Anzeiger" (Monday). The journalist had with his publications set rolling the scandal involving the theft of confidential documents from the papal office
Especially those cardinals who came from abroad and are not working at the Curia had wanted to know the contents of the dossier, which the Cardinal's Commission investigating the affair had prepared.
At the same time the journalist said, the prevailing conditions in the Papal Curia had been unhelpful to the investigation of the events. "Nowhere is the anxiety about letting the truth come to light so large as in the Vatican."

On the upcoming Papal election, according to Nuzzi, influential clerics play a special role in various camps. The journalist described Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone as one of the "strongest poles" . "For him, power is an end in itself, it is his only goal. Significant also are the ranks of diplomats who gather around Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Dean of the Sacred College.

Then, for example, exists also a "Genoa-Connection," to which belongs Cardinal Mauro Piacenza, who is being discussed as Bertone's successor. All groups have "different conceptions of politics, of Catholic doctrine, and they compete for influence," according to Nuzzi. Of importance are groups like Opus Dei, the Legionaries of Christ or the lay movement "Communion and Liberation" were. He personally would like to see that neither the Pope nor his future Cardinal Secretary of State were Italians concluded Nuzzi. «The Italian cardinals are all far too caught up in the swamp."


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Isn't calling this man a journalist being a little over generous?